Australia’s first dementia-friendly airport

Guess which state is home to Australia’s first dementia-friendly airport?

Australia’s first dementia-friendly airport

YourLifeChoices would like to congratulate Brisbane Airport for doing things differently and becoming Australia’s first Alzheimer’s-friendly terminal, with the launch of a new guide made especially for travellers with dementia.

Ensuring a Smooth Journey: A Guide to Brisbane Airport for people living with Dementia and their Travel Companions was developed by the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) based Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration: Carers and Consumers (DCRC-CC) and hopes to make the process of travelling with dementia a little less daunting.

“Australia’s first dementia-friendly airport is a fantastic achievement and Alzheimer’s Australia congratulates everyone who has worked to see it become a reality,” said Alzheimer’s Australia Chief Executive Maree McCabe.

“Consumers have shared with us their frustrations at wayfinding in large, busy places - such as airports. There are more than 413,000 people living with dementia in Australia. We know that without a significant medical breakthrough, that figure is expected to be more than 1.1 million people by 2056.

“People living with a diagnosis of dementia can still enjoy travel, and may require some extra assistance to do so. This guide is fantastic in enabling people living with dementia and their carers to continue to do the things they enjoy, like travel, while assisting in navigating the airport, preparing and planning for travel.

“Dementia-friendly may include changes to design, layout, signage and wayfinding or education of staff to be able to recognise and better assist a person living with dementia.

“We expect this is just the beginning and look forward to working with many more organisations, large and small, to think about how they can become more dementia-friendly.”

We tip our hats to the first airport in the nation with the foresight and empathy to help make travel a bit less daunting for people with dementia and early onset Alzheimer’s disease.



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    24th Jun 2017
    Have you been to Brisbane airport and parked the car? What aspect was going to be dementia helpful? - The paint scheme perhaps. Human service - unlikely.
    Airports are a nightmare for every infrequent traveller. How could they possibly make it easier for a dementia patient when the landscape changes constantly and so does the method of boarding and disembarking at each destination.
    I wouldn't dream of taking someone with dementia on a flight.
    24th Jun 2017
    It's a start, though, Rosret. Accepting that people with dementia do travel and perhaps need extra help outside of the norm is a good start. With luck that will expand.
    24th Jun 2017
    I would expect that people with diagnosed dementia would refrain from driving a car so parking at any airport should not be a problem for the unaccompanied traveller. In any case most airports have public transport (including taxis) available. As for not 'dreaming' of taking a dementia patient on a flight, think again. My wife makes at least two flights a year (between Perth and the eastern seaboard) with her mother, without difficulty, thanks to Qantas' helpful service. I presume other airlines are just as accommodating but do not know from firsthand experience.
    24th Jun 2017
    I recently enjoyed a flight from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast and return with Jetstar. I was delighted with the ease and speed with which we received our boarding pass, walked through security and boarded. On booking the flights, I mentioned to a Flight Centre agent that I had had a hip replacement a few weeks previously and that I was a little apprehensive of walking down the steep stairs disembarking from the plane. The agent booked in assistance for me and I was proud to be allowed on board first but on arrival at my destination I needed to wait to leave last. This was a pleasure as a lift was wheeled up to the plane & I had VIP treatment as the lift safely took me to the tarmac. I received the same friendly service on my return journey. "What more could I want?"
    25th Jun 2017
    I'm not surprised Lochie. The level of service at both Brisbane and Sunshine Coast has always been excellent. The train from Brisbane Airport into the city is also amazing. Being able to still ask directions of real people servicing the public gets my approval every time and Queensland Rail still employs dedicated hosts to assist travellers.

    Same in America. Pity Sydney is fast becoming the Self Service Capital of the World. One day they will be very sorry they taught people to serve themselves so well.

    Sydney Airport and Central need something like the Red Cap service in the US. As we age more help will be needed. I'm happy to pay for it.

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