Disruptive passenger forces Qantas flight to turn back

Passengers on board a Qantas plane were asked to help calm a disruptive passenger.

Passengers restrain ‘unwell man’

Passengers on board a Qantas plane were asked to help restrain a disruptive passenger on a flight from Perth to London on Saturday night.

Qantas’ zero tolerance approach to disruptive behaviour on board its flights made the captain’s choice to turn the plane around two hours after take-off an easy one.

Passengers on board the flight have praised Qantas, its crew and other passengers for the way they handled the situation.

Clare Hudson, a young mother travelling with her partner and three-year-old baby told the ABC that a man became extremely agitated and locked himself in one of the bathrooms for an hour.

“Then when he came out, first of all, we heard some shouting; we were about three or four rows in front of where it happened,” said Ms Hudson.

“Then he was squaring off against another passenger and sort of shouting in his face. It looked like it was going to turn into a brawl. Eventually, they managed to calm him down and get him back in his seat. He seemed really wired and agitated.”

Cabin crew had to ask passengers for help to calm the man.

“Some passengers went and helped him. I understand he was restrained down the back of the plane,” said passenger Christine Kohli.

“I think it was scary for quite a few people. One of the passengers I was with became quite agitated and quite upset, but I think the aircrew were marvellous; they were very in control of the situation. They were calming passengers.

“They were very, very supportive. They got him down to the back of the plane quite quickly. It was clear he was quite an unwell man.”

The Australian Federal Police escorted the 32-year-old man off the plane once it landed. The extra time taken to turn the plane around meant the crew would have been over their duty limits on the 17-hour non-stop flight, so Qantas gave passengers accommodation for the night and had them back in the air 17 hours after the incident.

“I’ve lost a day, but at the end of the day, Qantas have been marvellous. The fact that they made a very difficult decision to turn that plane around and inconvenience a lot of people … I’m grateful for the professionalism and the fact that they put our safety first,” said Ms Kohli.

Have you ever experienced a ‘disruptive passenger’ onboard one of your flights? What was the most disruptive thing to happen on one of your flights?



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    15th Sep 2018
    Give us a break!! It's hard enough to sit on the toilet seat in an aircraft let alone having a bath in there as well. Call it for what it is: A TOILET !! We're not the 51st state of the USA and having to follow them.
    15th Sep 2018
    Ditto bigpella, I would have said exactly that, although probably in harsher terms, if I had got in before you. One of my major peeves is the Americanisation of our language and culture.
    15th Sep 2018
    PS: Labor Party instead of Labour Party really annoys me.
    8th Dec 2018
    Mate this is Oz it has to be cultured it's called a DUNNY.
    Where has your breeding gone!
    15th Sep 2018
    A 32 year old man. Most likely smuggled drugs onto the plane. He should have been gagged and tied to a seat at the back of the plane right next to the toilets to teach him how to behave.
    The article failed to mention what set him off and without that the above may be shooting from the hip. Was it unrestrained children making life hell? Been on a flight like that recently. Unpleasant and not everybody able to cope with that sort of behaviour after a certain time. Fess up leon.
    15th Sep 2018
    I blame Malcolm Turnbull,eh, MICK?
    15th Sep 2018
    Looks like a Qantas advertisement with no indication of what the man's issue was. Agree with MICK, Leon, can you clarify this? Maybe the toilet was not working and the crew were rude to him - often happens with the poor quality of Qantas ever since A.Joyce got rid of thousands of Aussie workers and outsourced maintenance.
    15th Sep 2018
    Still no excuse for agitated and angry behavior, Qantas did the right thing, it could have ended up worse if he had hurt someone.
    15th Sep 2018
    You have missed my point - the story appears censored so as to show the airline only in a good light. Any airline would / should take similar action for the safety of other passengers. However, I hate stories (often / daily in our news media) which do not tell WHY something happened, thus of no benefit to anyone.

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