The country where US pilots refuse to fly

US pilots refuse to fly to this nation, forcing the only major carrier to suspend services.

The country where US pilots refuse to fly

A US pilots union has told its members not to fly into Venezuela after a US Department of State advisory issued a travel warning to all US citizens travelling to the beleaguered nation.

“Until further notice, if you are scheduled, assigned, or reassigned a pairing into Venezuela, refuse the assignment by calling your chief pilot or IOC duty pilot (682-315-4340),” the Allied Pilots Association said in a statement.

As a result, the only major US carrier servicing Venezuela, American Airlines, has halted all services to the nation.

The US Department of State travel advisory says Americans should steer clear of Venezuela due to “crime, civil unrest, poor health infrastructure, and arbitrary arrest and detention of U.S. citizens” and that “violent crime, such as homicide, armed robbery, kidnapping, and carjacking, is common”.

It’s unfortunate, because Venezuela is home to some of South America’s most incredible landscapes. However, political unrest has ripped through the country leading to decreased living standards, limited access to basic goods and personal safety risks for locals and travellers alike.

Still, visiting can be incredibly cheap because of the black-market value of the dollar/euro, although traveller safety and security is a very serious concern.

Australia’s own Department of Trade and Foreign Affairs (DFAT) has issued a similar warning, telling Australians not to travel there “due to the unstable political and economic situation, food, water, medicine and petrol shortages, and high levels of violent crime. Many hospitals are closed. Power and water outages are common.”

If you’re prepared to travel to Venezuela (which we do not necessarily condone), Copa Airlines, Air France, Iberia, Air Europa and Portugal’s TAP are still flying there.

Read more at Travel Weekly.

Have you been to Venezuela? What was it like? Would you be prepared to bypass security warnings to return?



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    Oz in Or
    20th Apr 2019
    Oh PLEASE…..don’t feed us this American propaganda BS. Pilots have not refused to fly to Venezuela…the US Government has ORDERED them not to via the “Allied Pilots Association”. The US is attempting to destroy the Venezuelan economy…. Because?....Well, because Venezuela has the largest oil deposits in South America and the USA wants to steal their oil. Doesn’t everyone KNOW this? They label Venezuela a “dangerous” country, when their own country has an average of 3 guns per head of population, the largest percentage of its population in the western world incarcerated in the prison system and cities like Portland Oregon, Seattle Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego (and this is just the west coast) where downtown areas are crawling with the “homeless” (politically correct, more acceptable term for bums, drug addicts, criminals, the insane etc.) The USA would love you to believe that Venezuela is akin to Somalia, Liberia etc. Please don’t feed on US government garbage. I say this as someone who returned to Australia 12 months ago, after 5 years in the USA.
    pedro the swift
    20th Apr 2019
    i was always suspicious of the US's reasons for its attitude to Venezuela. I also strongly suspect it to do with the oil. I do believe that the US wants to get its hands on their oil.
    The US is on a social decline as per all "empires" in the past. I would not believe anything the US is telling us about anything since they invaded Iraq under false pretences.

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