Aussies spend $250 million on boozing pre-flight

If you drink before departure at the airport, you’re not alone.

SJ is a regular travel contributor to YourLifeChoices. If she had one superpower, it would be teleportation – the ultimate cure for her fear of flying.

It’s hardly a secret that Australians are partial to a drink (or five). But even by our standards the latest research commissioned by is somewhat disturbing.

Just the other night I was talking to some friends about our respective flights back home to Australia for Christmas. The common theme? That we would be enjoying as many pre-flight and mile high red wines as possible to ensure that we could sleep soundly as we wing our way home. And it turns out that we are not alone in our thinking.

According to the first #AirportLife study recently released, 60 per cent of Aussies waste no time downing a pre-holiday drink, consuming on average two drinks before take off. This statistic equates to almost a quarter of a billion dollars each year spent entirely on alcohol, with the average pre-flight booze bill coming in at $21.70 each visit.

The research also uncovered that almost half of respondents admitted to having their first pre-flight drink before midday, with 21 per cent downing one before 9am. Quite worryingly, one in three said that they often have one too drinks many prior to getting on a plane and, even worse, 20 per cent of respondents said that either themselves, or someone they were travelling with, had been prevented from boarding a flight due to being ‘alcoholically impaired’.

39 per cent of respondents were also unaware that altitude can increase the effect of alcohol on the body – surely a fact that you only have to have a few drinks while flying to realise?

Nathan Graham, the Regional Sales Manager at Cheapflights ANZ, commented: “It’s astounding to see the number of people who opt for a drink as soon as they arrive at the airport, no matter the time of day. It seems the airport is a place where the normal rules of life are suspended.”

Adding, “the reasons we’re choosing to have a tipple are less surprising however. After the stress of packing, getting to the airport and queuing through security, half of respondents said it was a way to celebrate and kick off the holiday, while 60 per cent said they have a bevvy to simply kill time before boarding.”

Read more at Cheapflights.

Do these statistics surprise you? What is the first thing you do when you get through airport security before a flight?



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    19th Nov 2016
    The challenge of getting to and using the toilets on planes long ago put me off beers before flying.
    Chris B T
    19th Nov 2016
    Someone must be drinking a lot, I can not remember buying any alcoholic drinks at airports way to expensive.
    Coffee at Macker's or similar, same with food.
    Polly Esther
    19th Nov 2016
    My desire is to become a member of the 'mile high club', nothing to do with red wine :-)
    19th Nov 2016
    I'm not surprised by these statistics. My friend works for an airline, I constantly told about the ilmannered Aussie yobos in the 18 to 40 age group who constantly over indulge in alcohol because there's no limit to how much alcohol you can have on a flight and when they are told that they have had enough they usually become verbally abusive towards the airline crew
    19th Nov 2016
    I'm surprised the age group includes 40 y.o. I would have thought 30 tops. What is it with this drinking culture, to be macho as to who can drink the most before passing out? ; the problem arise when one of these morons has had enough, and needs to get to the toilets before throwing up over someone in the next seat, or in the aisle, and then hoping that the toilet is vacant.With 300 or more people on board, no guarantee! If that happens , the perhaps the airline can ban that passenger from future flights with that airline for 3 years, or fine them $250. That would sober them up. IO enjoy a glass or two of wine with my meal, but that is it. You are being dehydrated enough in that cabin without exacerbating it with alcohol.
    19th Nov 2016
    Personally I would like to see alcohol free flights(you are not aloud to smoke) every body would be better of especially the flight crew it can be bad enough with crying kids & bad tempered passengers.
    19th Nov 2016
    what a load of cobblers! People dont drink through the stress of packing etc, they drink because they show off! Drinks cost nothing if you are a lounge member too! If you are stupid enough to support the owner of the airport bar and the brewery good luck. Drinking alcohol before a flight really aint that smart..IMHO
    20th Nov 2016
    Polly Esther, join me at ground level if you like,and l'll make you feel a mile high. LOL

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