Shove actually: Queen's guard caught on camera shoving tourist

Want to know how to get a royal guardsman to lose his cool? Cross the line.

Queen’s guard shoves tourist

The royal guards at Windsor are as famous for being unflappable as they are for their ridiculous furry hats.

Many a tourist has tried their hand at making a Beefeater chuckle and many, if not all, have failed.

Want to know how to get a royal guardsman to lose his cool?

Step over the line.

One tourist found this out the hard way when, posing for a photograph, she stepped over a cordon surrounding the palace and was shoved out of the way by the marching guard. The woman was heard screaming as she fell to the ground.

This video with the hashtag ‘Overstep the boundary, take a photo, get pushed by the Royal Guard’ has since gone viral and has caused quite a stir on social media.

While some people thought the tourist was treated harshly, others, such as BBC reporter Tim Hauge, were quick to defend the royal guard.

“The cordon is there to signify that you should not overstep it, and if you do, then the Royal Guardsmen have the right to determine that you are a danger to the palace that they are guarding,” said Mr Hauge.

“They are permitted to use guns in such a situation. Pushing would be considered the most lenient way of settling such a matter.”

According to an ‘army source’ the whole thing was set up by the tourist so she could provoke the guard in the hope of a harsh reaction which would make her a star in a viral video.

Mission accomplished, it would seem.

The source claims that the woman had been hanging around all day, trying to take the guard’s arm, his hat and at one point, his rifle.

She had been asked to stop and when she didn’t, the rope barrier you see in the video was erected. It didn’t stop this annoying tourist from crossing the line, so to speak.

“This soldier was at the end of his tether and her reaction to the push … she took, like six steps … is ridiculous,” claims the source.

“The fact that she has stood there [inside the rope] like she didn’t know he was behind her is ridiculous … it appears to be a set-up to make a little video.”

The Ministry of Defence has released a statement about the incident.

“The Household Division is proud to guard Her Majesty and honoured that people come from around the world to watch our ceremonial spectacle,” a representative told The Sun.

“The ropes are there to protect both the public and our soldiers; please stay behind them."

Many online also pointed comments to the irritating tourist who defended the guard’s actions.

“That’s not losing cool. That’s procedure. If you are in the way, over the line, during the patrol, you get moved. If you touch/assault a standing guard, they will protect their post,” said one comment.

“Loses cool while on duty with a loaded weapon and nobody dies. Do they offer international lessons for ‘losing cool while on the job without killing unarmed people’?” wrote another.

What do you think? Was the guard justified?



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    4th Aug 2018
    This was on the news over a week ago and the guard called out to the woman to move and she wouldn't, lucky she only got a shove. Rude and ignorant is about all I can say about her.
    4th Aug 2018
    What do they expect? This is what you get when you cross over a barrier, lady! Too many tourists have injured themselves, or someone else, crossing a fence or a barrier put there to stop them doing just that! Go home and set a better example to your kids, lady!
    4th Aug 2018
    Why call her a lady when she clearly is not?
    4th Aug 2018
    Should have used the Bayonet.
    4th Aug 2018
    They don't like it up them, Mr. Mainwaring! !!!!!!!!
    4th Aug 2018
    I agree with Aquarian, should have used the Bayonet. Also, she should have been removed by other Guards who would have seen her actions earlier in the event.
    4th Aug 2018
    she should have been arrested and held in custody overnight. that would teach her a lesson.
    4th Aug 2018
    Quite right Thommo the guard was completely justified in what he did, and he could have done more. Yes I do believe she should have been fined and held overnight.
    In this day and age in particular - things are put in place for the safety of not only the Royal Household (they are the Household Cavalry!) but the guards and the tourists themselves. This was just a stupid act and yes he could have used the bayonet!
    5th Aug 2018
    Should have used the bayonet.
    4th Aug 2018
    Good answer thommo, and fined me thinks.
    4th Aug 2018
    Tourists can watch but have to remember the guards aren't actors making pretty photo shoots they are trained soldiers with permission to shoot and kill if the situation demands it. That stupid woman should be thankful she only got a shove.
    4th Aug 2018
    Yes they are trained soldiers and part of the Brigade of Guards with each regiment taking turns for 'Public Duties' and although the guard carries a weapon with fixed bayonet, the weapon does not contain live rounds.

    On duty at the same time are armed members of the Metropolitan Police and they are the first responder's to any security incident.
    4th Aug 2018
    You will find that they are not Beefeaters, those are around Westminster the houses of Parliament.
    4th Aug 2018
    Actually The Tower of London.
    4th Aug 2018
    Stupid woman. She deserved to be shoved.
    4th Aug 2018
    tourists should respect all conventions of a country that they are visiting. If it had been anywhere else in the world the lady in question would not have been treated so kindly. As for the "funny hats" they are also respected .They are part of a traditional uniform,
    4th Aug 2018
    She should count herself lucky she was only pushed out of the way. She could have been shot!

    And just for the record these are Queen's Guards NOT Beefeaters (Yeoman Warders). Beefeaters wear a different uniform from the 15h century with a hat similar to a top hat, carry a spear/battleaxe called a halberd and guard the Tower Of London and the Crown jewels not Buckingham Palace or Westminster.
    4th Aug 2018
    Visiting the Tower of London, on a very hot summers day, a sat on a low line wall for a breather, and a Beefeater approached me and told me to remove myself. I commented on the weather nicely, he replied "then don't visit us in summer.
    4th Aug 2018
    I regard this article by Leon Della Bosca as being disrespectful to current and past members of the Brigade of Guards, namely the Grenadier Guards, the Coldstream Guards, the Scot Guards, and the Irish Guards. These regiments were formed in the early 1800's and have battle honours going from to those times to the latest conflicts.

    The comment on 'their ridiculous furry hats' is an insult and the proper name is Bearskin.

    It is obvious from the article that the writer conducted no research and is totally ignorant.
    4th Aug 2018
    Ooops! - I forgot the Welsh Guards.
    4th Aug 2018
    Another load of old tosh, most comments by a load of old tossers. Too many ignorant and stupid nobodies looking for an opportunity to be someone, something yet ultimately end up back where they started - nowhere.

    4th Aug 2018
    Stupid woman. Good on the guard.
    4th Aug 2018
    Seen many people on u tube get the same treatment. One bloke knocked out.

    Obstruct the Queens guard or harass the queens guard and you are likely to be pushed out of the way or be looking at the end of a bayonet.

    Don't see anything wrong with this, except people are doing the wrong thing just to get a good video to talk about.
    5th Aug 2018
    The stupid cow should be placed in a guards training establishment for a month to undergo remedial training.
    5th Aug 2018
    Beefeater...……….A Yeoman of the Guard, instituted in 1485; a warder of the Tower of London. (The Concise English Dictionary). As stated in a previous comment reporters should get their facts correct and unseemly remarks such as "ridiculous hats" have obviously upset a lot of readers including myself.

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