The plane seats that will revolutionise economy air travel

Innovative seat design will make economy flights a lot more comfortable.

The plane seats that will revolutionise economy air travel

While airlines continue to streamline seats to fit in as many passengers as possible, one would be forgiven for thinking that passenger comfort is not at the forefront of plane manufacturers’ minds.

But a new collaboration between Airbus and British design agency LAYER may shatter that assumption. The result of this partnership is an innovative seat design that could revolutionise economy travel.

The seats feature smart textiles that record and transmit information from an app that monitors passengers to increase the comfort and improve their journey through smart functionality.

move plane seat prototype

Designed for use in Airbus economy cabins on short to mid-haul flights, the new seating prototype (called Move) uses smart textiles woven into the seat fabric. Passengers can monitor and control seat temperature, pressure and movement with a smartphone app.

The seats can alert passengers when it’s time to move around and improve circulation. The app instructs flyers when and how to do in-seat stretches and even reminds them to drink more water. Seat modes also include ‘sleep’, ‘mealtime’ and ‘massage’ settings.

move plane seat prototype

The smart fabric automatically adjusts the tension according to the passenger’s size and weight during the flight, accommodating all sorts of shapes, sizes and needs. The table tray can extend from half to full size according to passenger needs, and from a work surface to a leaning spot for a quick snooze.

The pockets for storing books, laptops and tablets even remind passengers to remove their items before landing.

move plane seat prototype

“At LAYER, we believe good design should be accessible to all,” said Benjamin Hubert, the designer behind Move.

“All too often, new concepts for flying are focused on innovation in business class. We were excited to take on this project with Airbus to find ways to improve and add value to the economy class experience – for both the passenger and the airline.”

Read more at Lonely Planet

Would you like to see these seats on your next flight? Which airline do you feel has the most comfortable seats?



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    23rd Mar 2019
    You can't be even half serious leon. These look like a cut down wooden park bench. I'd be uncomfortable in something like this after 5 minutes.
    Seriously mate are you being offered free flights or what? Maybe your penance needs to be having to sit on one of these for 3 hours or more.
    23rd Mar 2019
    I think the seats in my Doctors surgery look more comfortable than these.
    23rd Mar 2019
    Ditto. Not sure what Leon is trying to do here.
    23rd Mar 2019
    I don't have a smart phone. Will I have to sit on the floor?
    23rd Mar 2019
    Looking at these seats, standing would be more comfortable!
    23rd Mar 2019
    The revolution I want in economy is seats that don’t recline. I’m sick of the passenger in front of me spending the duration of their flight nestled cosily on my lap.
    24th Mar 2019
    Don't get your knickers in a knot. Seems like no-one read the article.

    These seats are just a prototype concept. They don't yet actually exist. If and when they do see the light of day, it will be some years before they start appearing in planes, as new plane orders and refurbishment of older planes are programmed years ahead.

    Second point to remember. This proposal is for short to mid haul flights, so they are not going to appear on planes flying from Australia to the UK or the US. At best they might come to Australia on domestic routes or for New Zealand, Fiji, and perhaps Singapore flights etc.

    Seat manufacturers come up with a wide variety of proposals for new seats every few weeks. Most never move into production.

    Personally, I think the holy grail of the perfect economy seat will never happen. What WE want is not going to stack up economically for any airline, so it won't happen. End of discussion.
    24th Mar 2019
    All that electronic stuff on the back of the seat, you can smash your face into when the plane crash lands. That's real consideration to the comfort of the passenger.
    24th Mar 2019
    I remember years ago flying to UK with Cathay Pacific. The seats didn't recline, the seat base slid forwards and the back remained in the same position. Most uncomfortable flight ever. I swore I would never fly with them again. I have heard they changed the seats. But now I always fly Royal Brunei, can't fault them for price or service.
    24th Mar 2019
    These seats look extremely uncomfortable.If they're so good stick them in first class
    24th Mar 2019
    If they were serious about making economy more comfortable they would be working on expanding the width (only a 3ft 5year old fits in the current design) and allowing more room between rows so that adults of average height do not have to wedge their knees between the edge of their own seat and the back of the one in front.

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