Selfie stick

This Camera/Smart Phone Boom Arm solves a major problem for solo travellers.

Selfie stick

Before you take deep offence to the word selfie, hear us out. Now included in the Oxford Dictionary as “a photograph one has taken of oneself, typically taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website”, selfies may have got themselves a bad name, but don’t let that put you off this handy travel gadget.

The Camera/Smart Phone Boom Arm solves a major problem for solo travellers. Have you ever had the perfect photo set up but couldn’t find anyone to take it for you? Or perhaps you were concerned that seemingly friendly loiterer may jog off with your camera or smart phone while you’re left posing helplessly?

The selfie stick, as it’s coined, makes these issues a thing of the past. Simply place your camera or iPhone in the mount and use the boom arm to take your photo. The arm extends anywhere between 33 centimetres up to 130 centimetres, making it perfect for fitting the whole family in the frame so no one is left out. While toting it around may seem slightly cringeworthy, it sure beats missing out on capturing memories or, even worse, having your valuables stolen.

Price $30



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    27th Sep 2014
    How do you push the button to take the picture???
    Polly Esther
    27th Sep 2014
    ask someone to press the button for you ??
    perhaps one could turn it into an "Abbott and Costello" routine.
    28th Sep 2014
    There is a Bluetooth camera remote control for clicking the shutter. Which leaves me wondering why you need the boom arm?
    I will just wait for a Rudd Photographic Training College to open up a branch near me.
    29th Sep 2014
    Does anyone have any trouble ordering one of these. Get to "Checkout" stage and Amazon has a message saying "Can't send to this address". I have never ordered online through Amazon before.

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