SlotFlop Sandals

SlotFlop sandals are an ingenious way to hide your valuables at the beach.

SlotFlop Sandals

One of the best parts of a holiday is enjoying a refreshing dip in the ocean or pool. However this raises the age-old problem of how to protect your belongings? While your swim might relax you, coming back to stolen money or keys will have you stressed again in no time.

The solution? SlotFlop sandals. Featuring a large storage compartment in the sole, you can now stash your valuables including credit cards, licence, keys and even a bottle opener! While this may sound slightly uncomfortable, the sandals remain flexible and are designed for comfort with more arch support than your average thong.

Fit for the James Bond of the beach world, it sure beats our usual hiding spot for valuables – under the towel.

Prices start at $24.95 plus shipping.


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    2nd Aug 2014
    If they' look that good then someone will steal them. Havnt we all had a flip flop nicked?
    2nd Aug 2014
    Yes now that everyone knows about them --they will know just where your things are hidden LOL

    2nd Aug 2014
    I presume you would wear them in the water
    2nd Aug 2014
    I had a quick look on web, there appears to be products that you can use, like a bum bag that holds valuables and is waterproof, looked a bit bulky but better than being ripped off.
    Polly Esther
    2nd Aug 2014
    Will they hide a six pack? How sad it is when it comes to having a dip in the old ocean these days you have to look out for the land sharks, being more dangerous than the water ones.

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