UK airline to introduce economy sleeper beds

This UK airline is introducing sleeper beds in economy for long haul flights.

UK airline to introduce economy sleeper beds

How much do you value a good night’s sleep? Probably not enough to justify the second-mortgage migration to First Class. But according to The Sun, UK airline Thomas Cook has come up with a solution that allows economy passengers to occupy a whole row – and bed – to themselves.

From 13 May this year, Thomas Cook will offer sleeper seats beds to passengers on selected long-haul flights. The sleeper seat is located at the back of the A330 planes and comes at an additional cost of around A$375 each way.

sleeper seats

The only downside is that you can’t eat meals while the bed is set up, so you’ll have to finish your food before laying down for some zzz’s. And while you and a partner can swap between the bed and another seat during the flight, only one person can use it at a time.

The bed includes a specially fitted mattress, sheets, head rest, blanket, amenity kit, pillow and even a special seat belt so you won’t have to worry about turbulence while you’re asleep. The airline insists that customers under 5ft 11 would be comfortable in the bed, which is offered to adults and children over 12 years of age.

Do you struggle to sleep in a normal economy chair? Would you be interested in trying out the seat sleeper?



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    30th Mar 2019
    At last! Something for those thousands with bad backs or other disabilities, who can't sit up for a long while, and therefore can't fly, or who are forced to endure agonies for the duration of the flight.

    For all the feel-good political talk about anti-discrimination laws, for too long airlines have been allowed to extort the infirm, disabled and aged by charging 3-4 times the price of a normal ticket just for a flat surface to rest on. Business class, with its many unwanted fripperies, has been the only, extortionately-priced, possibility.

    Let's push for international airlines from Australia to have no-frills beds or rest platforms for those disabled or that aren't subsidized by corporations! If they make profits from Australia, they should contribute to Australia.

    We have an Australian government who could make this happen, (if they had the will to make their own laws meaningful).
    30th Mar 2019
    re UK airline to introduce economy sleeper beds dated 29 Mar 19, by Liv Gardiner

    “… you’ll have to finish your food before laying down for some zzz’s.”

    What dreadful English grammar. What is it that Liv says we should lay? Eggs? Bricks? Knives and forks? The law? Lay is a transitive verb which needs an object (as well as being the past tense of the verb lie).

    What happened to A cup of tea, a Bex and a good lie down?

    Perhaps The Guardian Australia should proof-read articles before sending them out.
    31st Mar 2019
    So pedantic!
    2nd Apr 2019
    Excellent idea
    I’d be in for that for sure
    4th Apr 2019
    This is old news. Thomas Cook is copying the Air New Zealand Skycouch which they brought in several years ago. I recall using one in 2016.

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