The best toiletry bags for travel

Taking toiletries on the road can be risky business. These toiletry bags reduce that risk.

The best toiletry bags for travel

Toiletries are one of the more challenging aspects of packing. There’s definitely a trick to trying to work out how to transport them to ensure they arrive in the same state as when you zipped shut your suitcase.

Most of us have learnt this the hard way and had to deal with shampoo-soaked clothes or a similarly sad state of suitcase affairs. So how can you reduce this risk of travelling with toiletries? Well, not all toiletry bags are created equal. Here are three of the better ones to ensure you never have to worry about such a situation again.

1. Samsonite B-Lite 3 SPL Toiletry Kit, $41.40

For those who like everything to have a home, this is the toiletry bag for you. With a compartment for any conceivable bottle, tube or tub, your lotions will be locked into staying upright for the entire flight. Bonus points for the handy hook and the user-friendly design for when you arrive at your destination. 

2. Korjo Folding Toiletry Bag, $23.45

Korjo will make your life a lot easier when it comes to travelling with toiletries. With four panel sections the fantastic design of this Korjo bag hasn’t left any bathroom necessity overlooked. We particularly like the pouches for toothbrushes and the clear pockets mean you can see straight away where something is. As with the Samsonite option, the Korjo bag also has a loop so you can hang it in the bathroom. The roll-up design means that the bag can store a lot, but it can also fold up into a neat package for packing purposes.

3. Sea to Summit Lightweight Travel Toiletry Cell, $28.95


For the no-fuss traveller, this padded toiletry cell from Sea to Summit is a winner. While the contoured shape maximises the capacity, the lid is able to fully open allowing you to see and easily access all items. With three mesh pockets for organisation, this toiletry bag’s major feature has to be the fact it’s waterproof. Not to mention its generous height, which allows bottles to remain upright.

Do you have a favourite brand or make of toiletry bag? 


    SJ is a regular travel contributor to YourLifeChoices. Her required holiday reading is Collective magazine, a great new fiction novel or a personal development book. Unlike photos, she feels you can never be over developed.


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    21st May 2016
    Nice. But where to buy #3? (I tried once before to buy travel cubes in luggage shops,
    no luck). In any case, whichever toiletry bag I use, I always put that bag into a strong
    plastic bag with a clip to avoid any leaks/spills over everything, irregardless ..... haha .......
    remember 'irregardless'? :(
    21st May 2016
    I like big ones that are totally clear- so that I don't need to look for that illusive and small eye pencil
    21st May 2016
    Also check out is the Kathmandu Kit Classic Hanging Toiletries bag made of "ripstop" nylon.
    It's amazing what you can get into this small, well designed toiletries bag. I take it everywhere and have had it at least 12 years now. One days or a few months it's still a great piece of kit.
    To contain spills I just place any "suspect" containers in small plastic bags inside it.

    For the ladies it won't be big enough for a lot of makeup.
    I also use a 2nd small more traditional "half round" toiletries bag as a first aid kit and as I'm getting on a bit also for my daily medicines.

    21st May 2016
    Buy off e-bay there some good toiletry bag there.
    Just use glad wrap over the opening lid to all bottles that leak. Then screw the cap back on you won't have any leaks..
    21st May 2016
    Great idea! Thanks, Enneagram 8.
    21st Oct 2017
    If you're taking actual bottles, then the glad wrap tip is useless. You can't get the lids off to put it on. The smaller travel bottles are the only ones you can use glad wrap on.

    I purchased my sturdy toiletries bag in Priceline.

    Mind you, I never go away for just a few days, it's at least 3 - 12 weeks for me, so I know that my toiletries are all protected with a sturdy bag.
    2nd Oct 2017
    BIg W has see through packs of bags in 3 sizes. Cheap as chips. I use one and wrap it in a plastic bag for double "insurance"
    21st Oct 2017
    I have a sturdy, no-nonsense beauty case that takes all my liquids and won't get squashed and in turn break any plastic bottles in the case.

    I've used a couple of the ones listed, but my bag was full of liquids when I arrived at my destination, so, never again will I use a soft-sided one.

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