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Camping: you either love it or hate it. If you love it, here’s a gadget for you.

In the interest of being honest I will start by saying I am not a camper. In fact it is fair to say that camping is my worst nightmare. However, I realise this probably puts me in the minority, because many people, especially Australians, love the opportunity to get back to nature by way of camping.

One of the not so enjoyable parts of camping or, as I imagine outdoorsy people would refer to as ‘challenges’, is the lack of lighting in tents. It may be fine while the sun is shining, but as soon as darkness descends, you are literally left, well, in the dark.

Fumbling around in the dark to look for something is neither fun nor ideal, it is also rather challenging to search whilst holding a torch and, as anyone whose tried this will know, hanging your torch from the top of your tent usually does not work with it promptly falling down – hopefully not on your head.

Thankfully a camping enthusiast and genius has come up with a solution to this tent terror in the form of the Magnetic Tent Light. Both practical and durable, the light features a magnetic base and spring hanging clip so you can attach it to the roof of your tent or to anything else with a loop or magnet for that matter.

With a simple ON/OFF button, the magnetic tent light is straightforward to use and features five switch settings – 100 per cent on, 70 per cent on, 30 per cent on, Quick Flash and SOS Flash, so you can do everything from dimming the lights before bed to having a spontaneous disco in your tent. It’s also water resistant – which hopefully your tent is too – and has a battery life of 10 hours, requiring three x AAA batteries to work.

If you like the outdoors and being able to see what you’re doing, this is the perfect gadget for you!

magnetic tent light 

RRP: $39.95 from Snowgum


    SJ is a regular travel contributor to YourLifeChoices. Her plane essentials include noise-cancelling headphones, a solid Spotify playlist, sleeping tablets, an eyemask and a large scarf that doubles as a blanket on cold flights – i.e. every one.


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    14th May 2016
    Anyone heard of a head-torch?

    Been around for decades. A perfect lighting solution.

    Considerably cheaper than the above, and you don't need to find something to hang them from. You already have your head with you.
    14th May 2016
    We are travelling around the USA at the moment on a Honda GoldWing and pulling a camper trailer. Our year long retirement trip. You are right, a good light is essential, and both your option and the one given in previous comment are great. We have both a battery powered lamp and a small fluorescent strip for both unpowered and powered camping. Need light to walk away from campsite, I use my iPhone app.
    Tom Tank
    14th May 2016
    As an avid camper from way back we always used a gas light attached to an gas cylinder. They give a great light, not harsh and with glare, covered a wide area and lasted for days without a cylinder refill.
    We used to play board games with the kids, read and all sorts od things under the light.
    Naturally a wee bit of care was required as fire in a tent is the last thing you want but it was no more dangerous than a gas stove, in fact if anything safer as the light was provided by a mantle behind the glass of the light.
    We have tried the battery powered LCD lights etc and while they are very bright are not up to the old gas lantern.
    Mind you we were in an upmarket tent made in France with spring loaded connected poles which made up the frame and the canvas went over the frame and was pegged down all round the base. we went through torrential rain and gales and never has a moments problem apart from water flowing under the tent at times from the heavy rain.
    The modern style dome tents, often with nylon instead of canvas just don't come close to those French made tents. Nylon doesn't breathe the way canvas does and moisture forms on the inside due to that fact.
    go veg!
    14th May 2016
    We recently bought a great environmentally sound solution to this problem. A solar inflatable lantern that can be hung on a hook with inbuilt battery for ~$20, it is tiny, waterproof, weighs almost nothing, 8 hours charge time gives 12 hours light over 1 m2, equal to 10 LED lights, supposedly lasts 10 years (see LUCI EMRG). We also saw a similar size purely battery operated oyster light for $10 at the camping shop,for when there's not enough sun for the solar one, but haven't tried it yet.
    14th May 2016
    I thought the three AAA batteries for 10 hours of lighting was pricey - if light used for perhaps 3 hours a night, you would be going though batteries big time.
    19th May 2016
    Your not suppose to have light on all night if you camping .
    Not Senile Yet!
    16th Jul 2016
    The word Hiking goes with Camping!
    Do enough of it and you won't be needing a light for long.
    Agree with led light on head.....they are cheap.....and useful for when u need 2 hands.
    Rechargeable Solar Lights are a handy backup!

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