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If you like cruising but want to stay connected, Royal Caribbean International has some good news for you. This month it has launched VOOM, its exclusive, high-speed internet service on all its ships worldwide.

The fastest internet at sea, VOOM was first introduced on the Quantum class of ships, including the US$1 billion Ovation of the Seas. Now available on all of its 24 ships sailing worldwide, it means guests can stream music, movies, TV shows, and keep connected with family and friends back home.

Royal Caribbean International President and CEO, Michael Bayley said of the move, “VOOM is revolutionising the onboard experience for our guests as well as for our crew”, adding it is “truly a game-changer for the industry. Everything our guests and crew can do online at home, they will now be able to do from onboard all of our ships around the world.”

Already known for having the most innovative ships at sea, the cruise line has made a significant investment to enhance guests’ internet connectivity experience. By using a combination of wifi service providers, Royal Caribbean is able to deliver more overall bandwidth fleet-wide than any other cruise line.

The latest enhancements will provide speeds at least twice as fast as before. In even better news, the combination of providers also means this improved connectivity can be offered at prices that are less expensive than before – similar to those of most hotels and resorts.

Cruise goers on Royal Caribbean ships will be able to enjoy the fastest internet at sea for a flat price with a choice of two packages. The Surf package that consists of web usage starts at US$12.99 per day, with a discount for additional devices. The Surf and Stream package which allows for not only internet surfing but also enables users to stream movies, music and use video chat apps, such as Skype, is available for US$17.99 per device, per day; again, with additional devices at a discount.

Find out more at Royal Caribbean.

How important is internet and connectivity to you when you cruise?

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    The new wifi sounds like a money grabber to me . I travel extensively and can tell in the hospitality industry most hotels and the like offer free wifi. Speed is for gamers but makes little difference to sending emails

    • 0

      Completely agree.
      What would be so urgent that one can’t wait until the next port and, for a cup of coffee, get free internet at almost any cafe.

  2. 0

    Have just returned from an expedition on Silversea Explorer. We had an hour a day free wifi.
    Quite adequate for email contacts….who really needs video streaming or SKYPE when you are on holiday trying to get away from the demands of the world and your iPad.

  3. 0

    Still too expensive, you would need to be on the internet most of the day to get your moneys worth. Also going by the spreed they already have going twice as fast will still be annoyingly slow.

  4. 0

    Internet charges on ships are pretty high. Outrageous is probably a better description. Luckily our cruise last year had a port stop every day so we normally rocked up at a cafe with free wifi and enjoyed a coffee as we caught up with life.

  5. 0

    Wifi speed twice as fast! Twice nothing is still nothing. These prices are also $US. Price gouging as cruise companies are experts at.

  6. 0

    I agree with all. Just another way to get more money from gullible travellers.Billie



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