The world’s number ones

Find out 25 of the world’s number one places and what they’re famous for here.

The world’s number ones

Do you know which is the world’s wealthiest city? How about the country with the longest life expectancy? Or the most caffeinated country in the world?

Never fear if you can’t afford to travel the world. Find out 25 of the world’s number one places and what they’re famous for from the comfort of your couch instead!

The world’s hottest place: Death Valley National Park, USA

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    20th Dec 2014
    I've been fortunate to have lived in many of these places and I can assure you that such lists are a combination of folklore and suspect statistics! If interested in such, do the research.
    20th Dec 2014
    Lescol, I admit a bit of inexperienced bias here - I've never been overseas.

    I do tell people, however, that I believe we live in the best possible country at the best possible time.

    Love Australia, for all it's faults.
    21st Dec 2014
    With exception of visiting the Giles weather station (central WA) I traveled extensively within Australia before my first trip away from it. For much of my 30 years of traveling OS I too believed similar but sadly, since maybe '02, my views about 'home' have changed.

    Now I cringe over the quality of the elected members there and their lack of vision and inspiration for the public. A warning, the plot there has now been truly dropped and a decade of development has been lost.

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