Top 10 tourist-friendly countries

Which is the most tourist-friendly country in the world?

Top 10 tourist-friendly countries

In a small blow to our great country’s ego, Australia is not the most tourist-friendly country. However, just as we made the top 10 list for the happiest country in the world, we have also done so for the world’s most tourist-friendly countries, coming in at seventh place – which, when you consider the total number of competing countries (196), isn’t a bad effort.

The 2015 Travel And Tourism Competitiveness Report was recently released by the World Economic Forum, with Spain taking out the number one spot for its “excellent” culture, infrastructure and “outstanding attractions”.

A total of 141 countries were ranked based on key factors influencing the travel and tourism sector, including culture, health and safety, and business environment.

So how did Australia fare? Well, we were recognised for being home to the largest number of World Heritage natural sites (thank you Great Barrier Reef), as well as our excellent air transport infrastructure and leisure and entertainment.

The top 10 tourist-friendly countries are:

  1. Spain
  2. France
  3. Germany
  4. USA
  5. UK
  6. Switzerland
  7. Australia
  8. Italy
  9. Japan
  10. Canada

With five countries in the top 10 places, Europe dominated the list due to the continent’s excellent infrastructure, and health and hygiene conditions.

We may not be the world’s happiest or most tourist-friendly country, but it’s ok because we’re still one of the youngest (and funniest).

You can see the full report and learn more at World Economic Forum.


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    6th Jun 2015
    Spain??? Wouldn't touch the place with a bargepole. Bullfighting, Galgos etc.
    20th Apr 2016
    Pickpockets... No thanks !!
    6th Jun 2015
    Not too sure I would agree with the list. Lets face it, all subjective.
    Just came back from overseas. Greece would come out in front of Japan any day. Whilst the Japanese are close to the nice people on the planet nearly all DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH and that makes Japan very tourist unfriendly. The fact that few westerners were to be seen in the streets pretty well tells the story. A similar story in Germany which we enjoyed tremendously. Greece on the other hand had heaps of Aussies and other nationalities wandering around.
    I respectfully suggest that whoever put the above list together actually go to the locations and have a list of criteria to get a final score. This has clearly not happened.
    6th Jun 2015
    It is a puzzle how they give these ratings. In Germany and France, most people don't even answer in English even when they can.
    6th Jun 2015
    Spain? Not from my experience! I found the people discourteous, for the most part - they'd keep glancing at our group and babble away to each other in Spanish, and the ridiculous closing times in the middle of the day turned me off going back there. I saw something in a shop window that I wanted to buy after I got a coffee, but on returning 10 minutes later they had closed for their two-hour "siesta". No wonder their economy is going broke! As for France, unless you speak their lingo you are treated with disdain!
    6th Jun 2015
    I am surprised Singapore did not make the list, I love it, it is green, clean, orderly, the people speak English and their public transport was very good, would go there again any day.
    6th Jun 2015
    I agree. Super place. Everything you say, plus one feels very safe.
    8th Jun 2015
    I am surprised there is only one Asian country on the list, but Singapore is not one that I would have added. Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand would all be preferable to the antiseptically cleansed Singapore.
    Another thing that surprises me is the number of commentators expecting English to be spoken wherever they go. If that is how you think stay at home.
    20th Apr 2016
    Totally agree re Singapore, clean, safe easy transport.
    6th Jun 2016
    Yes, another thumbs up to Singapore! It would be my no. 1 city to live in IF I had to live in a big city.
    Brian from HomeExchange50plus
    6th Jun 2015
    All lists are subjective and we can all agree/disagree with which country tops it etc but being a 'European' I do love visiting France but not sure that I would say that it is tourist friendly. Also the UK is not one country but four and I would say that Scotland is more tourist friendly than England but being a Scot I guess I am biased.
    Fair Go
    8th Jul 2015
    Disagree with you Mick and also Johnny regarding Germany. Found everyone I spoke to, and I went from Bavaria right up through Germany, spoke English, a lot really well. Found them polite and helpful. If I tried my fairly poor German, they usually answered in English. Did go in their summer, loads of tourists from everywhere. Went through 6 countries (cruise) and found English widely known in Europe. Only place I found a bit unfriendly was Paris. But I do agree, the list does sound a bit strange with their ratings.
    20th Apr 2016
    I think the list is wrong - I've been to all of the countries except japan and Canada. The European countries lusted are so crowded and touristy, yuk.
    Myself, I found Poland to be stunning, easy to visit - krackow in particular was amazing.
    6th Jun 2016
    I would also put Spain near the bottom, it's not a friendly place but rather snobbish people seem indifferent. I found Portugal the exact opposite, yet it doesn't even rank here???

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