Most ridiculous requests made to travel agents

These absurd requests made to travel agents have to be read to be believed.

Travel agents share absurd requests

What’s the most that you’ve asked of a travel agent? Specific flights? A better route? Or maybe a cheaper cruise? All of which are completely normal and understandable requests.

Quite by contrast, Traveltalk magazine has uncovered some of the more ridiculous, absurd and downright illogical requests made to travel agents in its 2018 Industry Survey.

Here are our 10 favourites requests received by travel agents from client/s who … .

  • wanted to ensure that they had a list of the public restrooms included in the comments for an itinerary I [had] prepared
  • asked to be upgraded to Business Class for a $100 bribe
  • booked his own Jetstar flights, then had to cancel, [and] called me to ask if I would buy the flights from him
  • wanted a refund as he got sunburnt in Fiji on his jet ski tour
  • once asked me how many power points would be in the hotel room
  • wanted to see all Australian major destinations on both [coasts] in seven days
  • didn’t like the colour of the curtains in some of the rooms – had to guarantee that the hotel wouldn’t put them in the yellow curtain room
  • called us to ask room service to replace the orange juice in their mini bar, [and] they were in Europe and it was 3am our time
  • wanted me to book her a trip to the Maldives and guarantee it will not rain, but her only travel dates were in the wet season
  • asked us to sort out the mosquitoes in Tahiti prior to his holiday!

The lesson to take away from this list: travel agents are not superheroes – they are mere mortals tasked with making our holidays run as smoothly as possible – so don’t ask them to deliver the impossible!

Do you use a travel agent? Which of these requests made you laugh the most?



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    15th Aug 2018
    Friends in UK were coming to Australia for 6 weeks. They were to stay with us near Perth for 3 weeks and then do the clockwise tour. This included a week in Port Hedland, and 3 days in Darwin during which they were to travel to Alice Springs and out to Ayers Rock and back to Darwin, all by car! And this was planned by their travel agent. Then a day to see the Barrier Reef.
    16th Aug 2018
    The orange juice made me laugh.
    We only contacted our agent once. We were in Key Largo and thought our money had been taken from our home account but it was the ATM in the hotel and a panic attack on our part. The agent contacted our bank and they contacted us and put our mind at rest.

    My agent is amazing. I'd never try organising overseas travel without her.

    She's just saved us arriving in the wee hours in Budapest by finding a new morning flight from Frankfurt which simply means an extra overnight hotel but will save a lot of lag and allow a whole day of sightseeing instead of trying to sleep the day away.

    I've had quite complicated trips and never had a real glitch but then we always leave a day or three between entry and exits.

    The only mistake was trying to fly from Fort Lauderdale to LAX as you have to go through Chicago which have ice storms at certain times of the year. You can fly direct from Miami to LAX which is a much better option.

    We found it impossible to get from Pebbles in Scotland to the Mull in a day as it looks like a teeny distance on the map but is a very long way.
    Same thing driving the Road to Hana on Maui or Alligator Alley to Naples. Two days are better than one for those trips.
    Ted Wards
    16th Aug 2018
    Ignorance and arrogance are not funny! Id say do your homework before you go. If you go in the wet season expect rain, if you go in summer, expect heat (Depending on where you are going of course). The colour of the curtains in a travel agents have a blacklist of customers they will not deal with I wonder........

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