This gadget turns your iPhone into a proper camera

If you use your iPhone as a camera here’s the one gadget you need to perfect your pictures.

This gadget turns your iPhone into a proper camera

While there are many perks to using your iPhone as a camera, there are also some noticeable downsides and restrictions. In terms of quality, there’s no disputing that iPhones have excellent cameras, however they can be more difficult to operate than a traditional camera.

Many cameras, while not as light or compact, allow for a steady grip and make it simple to snap away. Thankfully, there’s a way to combine the best of both worlds with Pictar, the revolutionary iPhone camera-grip by miggo. Designed to address the iPhone’s shortcomings, it gives users a more natural and comfortable experience, resulting in better quality images.

So, how does it work? Simply slide an iPhone into the Pictar body and you are immediately looking at a real camera. Not only is there now something easy for you to grab onto, there’s also a wrist strap allowing for one-handed shooting. With five external controls, including a multi-stare shutter button, zoom ring, selfie button, exposure compensation wheel and smart wheel, the user has all the functions you would expect from a DSLR.

There’s also a standard tripod mount on the bottom of the device and a cold-shoe on top for connecting LED lighting accessories or a microphone. The device communicates directly with your iPhone via a dedicated camera app, so if you are thinking about making the change, this is one gadget you won’t regret taking on your next trip!

diagram of pictar

RRP: approx. $120 plus shipping from Indiegogo


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    fish head
    23rd Jul 2016
    Interesting.My main gripe with my iPad is being able to see what I want to photograph against the glare.I refuse to blindly point and click and if the glare is bad that is what you are doing.
    23rd Jul 2016
    For $120 plus shipping Wow! One can buy a very good small camera for that price.
    Why bother with an attachment for the phone that looks as large as a camera?
    23rd Jul 2016
    That's the dumbest thing I have seen. Fully agree with you Sen.Cit.84
    4th Aug 2016
    Interesting article but there is one small problem. This device is still in the funding process so you can't actually 'buy and receive it' yet. You have to pay up front and hope they will receive enough buyers to commence production. Once they have enough investors they will be in a position to fill the orders.

    As stated in earlier comments the price does seem high as an 'add on' to your iPhone. I think you are better off investing in an actual digital camera or perfect your skills with your iPhone.

    By the way Fish head have you thought of investing in an anti-glare screen for your iPad? It will make a huge difference in most situations.

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