Kyza’s travel wallet offers a solution to passport problem

This new wallet from Kyza offers the best of both worlds when travelling.

Two travel wallets in one

Do you have a passport wallet when you go travelling or does the thought of carrying a wallet for your passport and a separate wallet for your cash and cards seems like overkill? Kyza has delivered a perfect solution for frequent travellers, a two-in-one design that makes travelling with your passport, money and bank cards a breeze.

The first wallet contains enough room for a passport, a pen for filling out travel forms, and a compartment for cards, boarding passes and cash. Tucked inside this passport wallet is another wallet where you can store your cash and cards that you’ll need when you land.

kyza travel wallet

Once you arrive at your destination you can keep the passport wallet safely locked away in the safe at your hotel room while using the normal wallet to get about town.

The wallets come in navy, pink or tan and retail for $139.95.

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    6th May 2017
    We already do something similar. I carry the (normal) wallet and my wife wears the passports in a very durable and safe money belt. Along with the passports this item carries some extra cash, just in case. So far so good.
    6th May 2017
    At a $139.95 you do realize this is a seniors paper, right !
    MICK"S idea sounds sensible.
    6th May 2017
    I agree expensive. But not a good idea to have everything in 1. Loose it you loose all!
    Old Geezer
    6th May 2017
    We each carry a paper and digital copy of the others documents. So far no problems.
    22nd Oct 2017
    I keep all my stuff secure on an old very small handbag I pick up in the salvation Army many years ago .....and wowowowo $139.95 (or $140) That will pay for a few lunches while overseas ....sorry Ben Hocking you are crazy ... also put some money on your undies if you are unsure of safety ..... and yes keep several paper copies of your passport in different areas like suitcase wallet etc. that way you can get emergency passport (10 pages only) to continue travelling .....

    Ok Ben I click on Kyza so you guys can make some money .... no worries all good
    22nd Oct 2017
    kyza shop sell them for $129.95 ......and is too big for your pocket so has to be on your bag ???? .....

    "this travel wallet is designed for passports up to 125mm x 88mm."

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