Ever wondered what happens to your hotel room soap?

What happens to your hotel room soap after you’ve checked out?

What happens to your hotel soap?

Do you use the hotel soap or do you bring your own? Have you ever wondered what happens to the soap you don’t use? Do you take it home with you? Is it thrown away or put to good use?

Well, as it turns out, both.

In the US, around two million bars of hotel soap are thrown out each year, which is a shame, considering that most of the time, that soap is only used once.

With the global travel industry making a concerted push towards sustainable tourism and reducing the environmental impact of travel, minimising waste is high on the ‘to-do’ list of hotels and providers.

Hotels, resorts and accommodation providers are increasingly adopting refillable hand and body wash, and shampoos and conditioners, in the effort to reduce plastic waste. Some are using paper-wrapped soap bars and other environmentally responsible toiletries and accessories.

But most hotels and accommodation providers still use individually wrapped soaps and toiletries, and small-sized plastic bottles of lotions and cleaners.

However, innovative services, such as Soap Aid, Clean the World and Eco-Soap Bank, have identified a niche that helps reduce waste and dramatically improve sanitation and hygiene conditions for communities in need.

These services reclaim hotel soaps to create sanitised soaps that are sent to needy people and communities.

Soap Aid, an Australian non-profit organisation and charity, works with over 100 ‘Hotel Champions’ registered to the ‘Hotel to Hands Program’ and 12 ‘Corporate Champions’ who donate their used soap for the program.

According to Travel Weekly, the program has collectively prevented 100 tonnes of soap from ending up in landfill, supplied 830,000 repurposed soap bars globally and provided 260,000 children and adults with soap to help improve hygiene and sanitation.

Another environmental bonus is that the process for repurposed soap bars emits 59 per cent less carbon than making new soap with raw materials.

So, the next time you stay out for a single night, consider bringing your own soap or at least taking the soap you use home with you. Or you could step up to the front desk and ask them to consider joining the Hotel to Hands Program. It’s worth remembering that every single-use, plastic wrapped or bottled item you use ends up in landfill somewhere.

Do you think about this when you stay at a hotel? Do you take your own toiletries or use the hotel supplied goodies?



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    10th Nov 2018
    What do you do with the soap Leon?
    10th Nov 2018
    1st again MICK, another bet you won me, what am I going to do with all my winnings?
    10th Nov 2018
    See a shrink.
    You did well nobbling Foley just before the election. Should be proud of yourself.
    11th Nov 2018
    Would you give me the 'phone number of yours MICK, that's if he has any mental energy after dealing with you 24/7, do you pay him from your ALP troll payments brother.
    Nan Norma
    10th Nov 2018
    I throw a third of each bar of soap away and wish there was some way to use it instead of wasting it.
    10th Nov 2018
    Why do you throw it away? When we were brought up everybody was thrifty. We were taught when the soap was down to a thin sliver, to press it onto the face of the new bar. It sticks to it and becomes like part of the new bar of soap
    Nan Norma
    10th Nov 2018
    casey, my husband is the culprit. He says i'm being a miser.

    11th Nov 2018
    Only use liquid soap at home

    Use my own shampoo in hotels.
    As for hotel soap, who cares what they do with the left over , it’s beyond my control and not worth my while stressing over it
    11th Nov 2018
    WHy use liquid soap at home? Liquid soap comes in plastic bottles and we should all know where they usually end up. Not recycled now that China is refusing to take the world’s rubbish
    11th Nov 2018
    It's superior to bar soap and more hygenic especially to share

    No need to throw away a bar after guests leave - so its better for environment

    But I buy only organic and natural liquid soap from L'Occitane
    11th Nov 2018
    The small bottles of shampoo conditioner etc. I bring home. They then go to a friend who distributes them to homeless people and refuges. They are always most gratefully received.
    11th Nov 2018
    I like that :)
    12th Nov 2018
    We do the same Arisaid.
    11th Nov 2018
    We take the soaps etc home with us.
    14th Nov 2018
    Maybe hotels could give the left over soap to the homeless rather than throwing the soap away. I take away the soaps that we have not used completely,

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