Why flight attendants are so attractive

Have you ever wondered how airlines only ever hire good-looking flight attendants?

Why flight attendants are so attractive

Have you ever wondered how airlines manage to get around employment laws and only ever seem to hire good-looking flight attendants?

Experienced flight attendant Susan Brown spilled the beans on the popular forum Quora, and the answer is not exactly what you might expect.

“The reason why many people ‘think’ that most cabin crew out there are good looking is because the airlines have created the illusion,” Ms Brown explains.

“During the cabin crew training all crew go through some kind of grooming/image/uniform training. They get trained in what to wear, how their hair should look, what kind of make-up to use, how to look, what kind of jewellery to wear, what kind of shoes to wear, how their nails should look and how male crew should keep their facial hair.

“They train them in skin care, health care, how to behave, how to even walk and talk. They instruct the crew exactly what they want them to look like. They kind of mould everyone into a certain look they want their crew to look like. It is like creating clones in some ways.”

She explains that the airlines consider their flight attendants and cabin crew as a PR ‘product’, which they polish to make sure people think that their airline is good.

“Some airlines have grooming/image ‘checkers’ at the airport,” Ms Brown explains. “When crew arrives to the airport and before each briefing there is this grooming checker that checks each crew (member) and makes sure everyone looks their best.

“When the crew go home and take off the make-up and the uniform, they will look ordinary.”

Ms Brown explains that most airlines will reject flight attendants who are overweight as they are not considered ‘fit to fly’.

In an emergency the cabin crew is expected to be able to handle any situation and there are minimum fitness requirements considered necessary such as pulling, lifting, moving or assisting passengers – requirements that are considered when assessing whether an applicant is ‘fit to fly’.



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    2nd Jun 2018
    Flight attendants are not always so attractive.
    Many years ago they were, when flying was something of great wonder, but for the regular old cattle truck run, anybody will do.
    Besides we have all the feminist anti discrimination laws now to open up the job to everyone, including the good the bad and the ugly.
    Pass the Ductape
    4th Jun 2018
    And with Alan Joyce at the helm, a lot of the newer flight attendants appear strangely attractive in the right light!
    10th Dec 2018
    My sister was with Ansett (called air hostesses in those days) and they were all pretty good looking girls and they were regularly weighed to make sure they kept to a certain size.

    These days the rules appear to be a lot laxer .
    2nd Jun 2018
    A very non PC article. Is attractive the term for physically fit? If so then I would say they have to be healthy human beings. Under that criteria have you ever seen an 'ugly' Olympian, Fireman, Policeman etc etc?
    Does attractive mean young? Then that would depend on the airline.
    2nd Jun 2018
    I have seen more fat police than any other emergency service people.

    2nd Jun 2018
    I think it's sexist. A uniform is probably necessary so the person in charge is identifiable. I think trousers should be worn and flat shoes which would be more useful in an emergency. People who are overweight are not acceptable because of the limited space. People who can best deal with difficult violent passengers and maybe terrorists. This may mean a move towards males considering the safety issues but if women are capable then good.
    2nd Jun 2018
    I am not sure they are right. Years ago there was a QANTAS ad when they were just getting into the US and competing with United Airlines. The ad ran something like: If you want to visit your grandmother, fly QANTAS. If you want to be served by your grandmother, fly United.

    UA had a policy of hire that went well above the age of attendants who could even hope to lift someone out of their seat in the event of a crash. I expect they accepted the statistics that if there's an accident, it's probably more lilkely that there will be few survivors anyway.

    I do remember on one flight within the US, a very short elderly woman who did remind me of my grandmother, directed me to my seat. She was challenged when two really fat Americans oozed into their seats on either side of me and all but crushed me into a two dimensional shape. My muffles to be moved took a while to be heard and 'granny' was obviously frustrated to get a result that was acceptable to me. Neither of the fat passengers wanted to move. I finally got up and slipped into a then-vacant seat in the next row and I left the attendant to work out where the owner of that seat should sit. It all worked out but was a spectacle.
    10th Dec 2018
    waiting to see who will be sitting next to you on a plane raises the blood pressure LOL.
    when you see someone who will fit into their own seat and not overlow into yours is a relief!
    8th Dec 2018
    I've visited the USA various times, and admit the granny image is very much alive and well, and not retiring just yet.
    Politicians, Doctors, Judges, Film stars, the Americans just love anything old!

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