Windowless planes

A proposal could see windowless planes implemented within the next decade.

Windowless planes

Fasten your seatbelt, we could be in for turbulent times ahead. The Centre for Process Innovation has submitted a proposal for building windowless planes.

With implementation a strong possibility within the next decade, the proposal addresses the major challenge of making planes lighter so they use less fuel, in turn making air travel more affordable.

While the idea may at first seem fine for nervous flyers, with the view of the outside world removed, the replacement view is even worse. The proposal would see interior walls turned into giant smart displays that, wait for it, project images of the outside surroundings from cameras mounted on the outside of the plane.

By replacing cabin walls and windows with organic light emitting diode displays planes will be considerable lighter. Not only would this help save on running costs, this technology would also effectively make the entire cabin transparent. Cue my fellow friends with a fear of flying reaching for the sick bag.

What do you think of this idea? Would you fly on a windowless plan with a transparent cabin?

Why not watch the video from CPI?

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    8th Nov 2014
    It would be very claustrophobic! Not for me thanks.
    8th Nov 2014
    I reckon the opposite to claustrophobic, feeling out there with no walls! After all, if you don't want to look out of the window, just pull the blind down.
    miss aisle
    8th Nov 2014
    If it lowers the price & more leg room - great!
    I'd feel like a bird.
    8th Nov 2014
    Don't know if seeing Russian made rockets hurtling towards you would be a great thing to see.
    9th Nov 2014
    I think it would be great but if there's more room inside, the airlines would squeeze in extra seats, raise the aircraft weight and maintain the status quo as far as fuel usage goes. They'd just make more profit and prices would not necessarily fall.

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