World’s best airport food

Plane food may leave a lot to be desired but these airport restaurants don’t leave you with that feeling.

World’s best airport food

Airports are known for many things, namely being crowded, waiting around and the queues they attract. Food doesn’t usually score a mention – unless it’s in relation to how bad it is. But that is all changing, with more and more world-class restaurants popping up in airports across the globe.

Here are some of the ones of which to make a note. You might want to base your flight route around these, and arrive earlier at the airport to enjoy a decent feed before you board.

London, Heathrow Airport
Plane Food
A Gordon Ramsay creation, Plane Food offers gourmet-tasting food that can be enjoyed in less than 35 minutes, making it the perfect place for a pre-flight feast. With a la carte options and take-away picnic bag options, the only challenge is choosing what to eat.

Dubai, Dubai International
An authentic Spanish tapas bar, Cadiz is the perfect place to wind down before your flight. Tapas is a great option when you’re on restricted time or don’t want a full meal before boarding. Cadiz also has a broad selection of Spanish and South American wines

Paris, Charles de Gaulle
Brasserie Flo
In case you missed it in Paris or are only passing through the airport, Brasserie Flo offers the same French fine-dining experience as its sister restaurant in the city of love. Think traditional French dishes including châteaubriand and crème brûlée.

Singapore, Changi
Kampong Cafe
Known for its hawker-style food, Changi airport is also home to Kampong Cafe, which offers Malay, Indian and Chinese-style cooking with a family centric dining environment.

New York, John F Kennedy
America may be the home of burgers, but they don’t necessarily make the best pre-flight meals. At the JFK airport, you’ll find another Spanish tapas at Piquillo, which uses seasonal ingredients and inspiration from local farmers’ markets to create a variety of hot and cold small sharing plates.

Hong Kong, Hong Kong International
Maxim’s Jade Garden
Showing off for what Hong Kong is known, Maxim’s Jade Garden is all about authentic Cantonese flavour, not to mention the finest Yum Cha. It’s a no brainer when visiting (or flying through) Hong Kong.

Melbourne, Tullamarine
Bar Pulpo
From the makers of the highly acclaimed Movida and its sister restaurants, Bar Pulpo is one of the better Spanish experiences you will have outside of Spain. The perfect place to relax pre-departure, Bar Pulpo offers a generous choice of breakfast, sandwiches and tapas, best washed down with wine, of course.

Which are your favourite airports? Do you have another airport restaurant to add to our list?



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    30th Jan 2017
    And at what cost? Even a cup of coffee is ridiculously priced at most airports. I hate to thinks what a 'celebrity' chef sandwhich will cost!
    30th Jan 2017
    With you on that one. We mostly avoid airport food or if desperate buy a Maccas as we know what we are getting (???).
    The plane food may not be like going to a restaurant but it is always interesting to see what is being served. In the end what is wrong with people as you don't need to eat every 4 hours and probably will do you more good than indulging.
    30th Jan 2017
    Or you can just go into the lounge of your chosen airline if you fly enough and eat for free! I enjoy relaxing in the Virgin lounge, sure, it's not Gordon Ramsay inspired food, but, it's good and its complimentary.

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