Passport validity

John is keen to do one last overseas trip but can’t understand why his passport has to have six-months validity and thinks that renewing it is just an unnecessary expense.

Q. John

I’m just wondering if you can find out why, in this day and age where everything is instant, do we still need to have six-months validity on our passport to travel?

It’s expensive if you wish to do one last trip.

A. The requirement to have six-months validity on a passport is implemented by certain countries to ensure that visa, or visa waver requirements can be met. This is in part due to you potentially having to overstay your visa, either through illness, accident or abscondment. Should your passport expire before you can exit a country, then the country in question may have difficulty getting your own country to accept you back.

Australian passports are valid for travel into and out of Australia, regardless of the length of remaining validity. An Australian passport remains valid until the expiry date. The Australian Government has no influence on whether or not a country accepts an Australian passport with less than six-months validity.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart