Pictures of Earth from space

We live on an amazing planet. And although many people may not appreciate the world in which we dwell, looking at it from afar may instigate a renewed respect for Earth.

Many children dreamt of one day growing up to become astronauts. Yet they’d have more chance of winning the lottery than ever realising such aspirations. Luckily, those who have reached those heady heights had access to a camera and took these incredible pictures of Earth from space, so the rest of us get a taste of what it would be like to walk in the great void.

China and Taiwan

china and taiwan

Lake St Clair, United States

lake st clair united states from space

Quebec, Canada

quebec canada from space

Venice, Italy

venice italy from space

Alice Springs, Australia

alice springs from space

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Nile Delta, Egypt

nile delta from space

Western Australia, Australia

western australia from space

Moab, United States

moab united states from space

Northeast coast (New York, Philadelphia and Washington), United States

northeast coast of the usa from space

Northern Cape, South Africa

northern cape africa from space

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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