Plan before you fly

Before you take off – take up a Will and Power of Attorney

When you go on holiday you may do all sorts of things you wouldn’t normally, but just how daring and adventurous would you get? Would you let yourself be chased by bulls, dive off a cliff, or climb to the top of a very high mountain?

A study by NSW Trustee & Guardian found 47 per cent of Australians say they take many risks and do things on holiday they would not try at home. At a time when record numbers of Australians are travelling overseas, sadly, according to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade figures, around 1000 die while away each year. This is why it’s important for people to make sure that before they travel, they have an up-to-date Will and Power of Attorney, just like taking out travel insurance and other preparations.

The study asked more than 2000 Australian adults about their attitude to travel, the types of risks they took on holiday and why, with some interesting findings:

* 47 per cent of people claimed they take risks or try new things when they go away, and half of those surveyed admitted to not having a Will
* 55 per cent said they would try a type of food they wouldn’t normally eat at home
* over 25 per cent said they drank more alcohol than normal
* 16 per cent were more trusting of strangers on holiday than they were at home
* almost 26 per cent said they did more strenuous activities than normal

So why would people take more risks on their holiday?

* 60 per cent of the people surveyed said they wanted to maximise their holiday and have fun, while 19 per cent said they were more relaxed and felt invincible.

Finally, with only 20 per cent of people saying that going on holiday was a trigger to make or update their Will, Australians are being urged not to risk their loved ones futures and ensure that before they take off, they take up a Will and Power of Attorney.

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