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SeaLink Travel Group’s new travel platform allows travellers to explore Australia based on the experience type they are interested in or the destination they have always dreamt of visiting.

The platform – Brilliant Travels – promotes the diverse destinations and iconic and unique experiences that SeaLink connects people to across Australia.

“We believe that travel is about connecting people, sharing experiences and creating brilliant memories,” said SeaLink Travel Group Limited chief and managing director Jeff Ellison.

“Each year we are privileged to connect around seven million people to various destinations and experiences across Australia. We wanted to create a space where people can go to get inspiration on where to visit next, and to get authentic and unique Australian nature, wildlife, cultural and island experiences.

“Our new Brilliant Travels platform brings all these experiences and destinations onto one website, making it easier for travellers to find their next brilliant holiday.”

SeaLink Travel Group Limited includes some of Australia’s longest-serving tourism operators and the Brilliant Travels family has been helping people to discover Australia and create brilliant memories since 1970.

sealink kangaroo island ferry

In 1989, SeaLink established the ferry connection to Kangaroo Island, and has since expanded operations to include Rottnest Island, Darwin and the Tiwi Islands, Magnetic Island and Palm Island, North Stradbroke Island, and Bruny Island to name a few.

Captain Cook Cruises on Sydney Harbour, the Swan River in Perth, and the PS Murray Princess on the Murray River are also part of the SeaLink group, as well as the multi-award-winning Kingfisher Bay Resort Group on Fraser Island.

“We hope Brilliant Travels helps inspire people to discover more of our beautiful country. The brilliant destinations, the brilliant experiences and the brilliant people and cultures of Australia that makes us unique,” said Mr Ellison.

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