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Do you enjoy watching The Amazing Race? My wife convinced me to start watching recently and I have to admit, it does make me wonder how we would perform if we were racing around the globe looking for clues.

If you are like me in that regard, you will be excited to know that there is an app available that simulates the experience of playing The Amazing Race, and given current travel restrictions for now it’s available for free.

The app is called We Clue and was developed for people to have race-style city adventures with their friends or families.

All Sydney races on We Clue will be free until the end of August to coincide with the easing of COVID restrictions.

Designed to help users explore their city and compete in a fun and friendly competition, We Clue users can create teams, choose from existing races or design their own race, solve clues as a team, and solve clues and puzzles while on the move.

The simplicity of We Clue makes it the perfect weekend adventure for anyone looking to inject some fun, clue-solving and laughter into their weekend.

We Clue is designed so you can download the app and either design your own race or play one of the races we’ve crafted,” explained app designer Will Gray. 

“As a gift to Sydneysiders, all races are free until the end of August so it’s the perfect way to explore the city with your family or friends as we ease out of COVID restrictions.

“We’ve built over 40 ready-to-go races in Sydney with the rest of Australia and New Zealand to be online by spring.”

We Clue has a list of curated races to get started, and users can design their competition from the app’s challenges.

To download the app visit the app store.

Do you watch The Amazing Race? How do you think you would perform if you competed?

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