Post-COVID travel trends

Travellers are practically pawing at the door to be allowed out into the wide-open world again. And for many parts of the country, this freedom has become a reality. Although with international borders likely to remain closed for the foreseeable future, we can expect to be travelling in very different ways, and to very different places.

Hometown road trips
Where once people would have considered jetting over to Bali for a week, or even flying across the country to explore distant coastlines, post COVID-19 travellers will be spending a lot more time in their own backyard. Whether it be rediscovering your own town or the far reaches of your state, domestic road trips are expected to be on the rise.

National parks, local hikes and coastal towns can expect to receive a whole lot more attention and celebration. Not only does this make our trips more environmentally sustainable, but it means your tourist dollars would be going back into the local economy where is it needed. 

You’d be surprised just how many – often free – camp sites there are near you. Making the most of these can be a great way to get together with friends and family, while still keeping your physical distance from one another. Enjoying hikes, scenic views and wide-open spaces may be the perfect anecdote to the indoor-centric lockdowns.

If you want to find camp sites near you, both free and paid, and read some honest reviews, download the Camper Mate app.

Work away
As air fares became cheaper and flying became normalised, an appreciation for air travel was seemingly lost over the years. But the novelty of stepping into a tin can in one country and emerging in another is something few of us will forget anytime soon.

For those of us lucky enough to board a plane in future, it’s unlikely it will be for a short trip away. As many workplaces have adapted to employees working remotely from home, it’s likely people will extend their holidays into work hours, and simply work from foreign destinations to make the most of their travels.

Wellness meets wanderlust
Living in relative isolation through a pandemic has made many people far more aware of their mental and physical health than before COVID-19 struck. It’s likely that these will become bigger priorities in many people’s lives, which will be reflected in the way we travel.

A wellness trip has no defining features, other than being aimed to relieve stress and allow you to focus on your health. It could be a yoga retreat, camping, dirt bike riding, hiking, knitting by a fire or simply shutting down your phone and laptop to focus on the here and now. An appreciation for self-care is being restored, and we can expect the travel industry to celebrate it with us.

What travel trends would you like to see post-COVID-19? Would you embrace any of those we’ve mentioned?

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Written by Liv Gardiner


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