Preparing your phone for travel

With a bit of planning your phone can be a very helpful travel companion. Avoid post-trip bill shock – use your phone as your friend not foe with these tips on how to get the most out of your device while you’re travelling.

Download relevant apps

With so many apps available these days, there’s sure to be one that will make your life easier while you’re away. Whether it’s skyscanner for cheap flights, skype for international calls, a game for entertainment or a city guide to save you lugging around a guide book, downloading these before you go can make sure your trip is as stress-free as possible.

Choose apps that cache

Many apps cache your travel information allowing you to still access information when you are offline. When choosing apps, opt for the ones with offline access so you aren’t relying on internet connection to make the most of them.

Back it up

Make sure you set aside enough time before you leave to sync your phone with your computer and back up all your files. If the worst does happen, at least you won’t have lost all your contacts, photos and other important data.

Take photos

Use your camera to take photos of travel cards or other documents so you have an electronic record should you lose them. Taking photos and screenshots of maps can also ensure you still know where to go even if you don’t have internet access when you arrive.

Carry it with you

Keep your headphones, charger and any adapter you may require in your hand luggage. Your phone will be useless to you if it runs out of battery. No one wants to be left high and dry in an unfamiliar location or airport lounge.

For international travel:

Turn it off

Make sure you turn off data roaming to avoid an unpleasant surprise with your bill when you return. Turning off ‘Fetch New Data’ will also prevent any applications from automatically checking for updates.

Use wifi

Wifi is very widespread nowadays. For free internet access on your phone, wait to connect until you are at a café or other venue which offers wifi to connect.

Consider another phone

Depending on where you’re off to, your phone may not be the best one to take. If you’re worried about losing it or damaging it, consider purchasing a cheap, prepaid option as an alternative.

Invest in a data pack

Many providers now offer packages for international roaming which allow you to access a set amount of data for significantly less than regular rates. Before you leave, check with your provider to see if this is worth your while.

What’s your tip for travelling with your phone? Have you ever received a nasty surprise with your phone bill after an overseas trip?


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