14-day Train Enthusiasts’ Guided Tour of Japan

There’s more to Japan than large bustling cities, the country boasts some of the most stunning countryside in Asia. So why not jump onboard some of Japan’s most famous and unique trains and relax as you take in the view.

Travel with other train enthusiasts across Japan on some of the country’s best-known trains, boats and trams.

Cost: $6750 per person for singles, $6030 per person for couples staying in twin share accommodation.

Itinerary highlights
Day 1
Arrive in Tokyo and stay over night at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel with your tour group.

Day 2
Your tour group will have exclusive use of the Arakawa Tram Line for a tour in the morning. The tram is one of only two left in Japan today. In the afternoon visit the Omiya Railway Museum, then spend the night at the Marroad Inn in Omiya.

Day 6
Travel on the famous steam train from Kanaya to Senzu, ride the only rack and pinion railway in Japan, and end up at Sumatakyo Onsen to spend the night at a traditional Japanese inn (ryoken).

Day 7
Travel to Tenryu Futamata Station on the TH2100 series to train for an inspection of the rail yard and some photo opportunities, then leave for Nagoya in the afternoon. Spend the night at the Nagoya Castle Hotel.

Day 8
Visit the newly opened SCMAGLEV and Railway Park and see the biggest railway diorama in the country. Ride the Yutorito Line, a guideway bus which runs along a dural mode route on an elevated track, in the afternoon, then spend the night ath the Nagoya Caste Hotel.

Day 10
Explore the Arashiyama in Kyoto and ride the Romantic Railway – the train uses a traction engine so the trip is an ambling one. In the afternoon take a boat ride down the Honzu River. Spend the night at the Kyoto Tower Hotel.

Day 12
Spend the day in Takamatsu, enjoying the Konpira-san Shrine, then for lunch learn to make your own udon from scratch. In the evening board the overnight train (the Sunrise Seto) to Tokyo.

What is not included in the price:

  • The 14 Day Ordinary Japan Rail Pass
  • Some lunches and dinners
  • All Flights


To find out more or to read detailed information about the trains you will see and travel aboard, visit the Rail Plus website

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