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Savvy Traveller - Making the most of Europe by train

Some valuable advice for Peter to help him plan his European train adventure.

Editor’s Choice – Scenic Slovenia

There are many picturesque and enthralling rail journeys to be taken throughout the world and

The world is your oyster

If you're a train enthusiast planning your next trip or are thinking of taking a rail-based holiday

Ticket to ride

If you've ever tried to navigate buying tickets for local transport when travelling overseas, only

See Europe with a Eurail pass

Make your way through Europe at your own pace with the flexibility of a Eurail pass. Whether you're

Over 60s save more

Eurail passes offer some of the best value rail travel in Europe and if you're lucky enough to

Connecting Europe

Imagine whizzing from the centre of London to the heart of Paris at 300km/h, relaxing with a

A trip through the Rockies

Experience Canada's iconic Rocky Mountaineer and enjoy the glorious countryside and scenery as

The sky’s the limit on the Indian Pacific

Whilst the word ‘train' normally conjures up images of short daily journeys, the Indian Pacific

Free Camera with every Eurail Pass

Dinner in Paris, lying on a Greek beach, shopping in Barcelona, wandering through Tuscany, and

14-day Train Enthusiasts’ Guided Tour of Japan

There's more to Japan than large bustling cities, the country boasts some of the most stunning countryside

Christmas on a UK train?

Thinking about visiting family in the UK this Christmas or in the new year? A BritRail offpeak pass

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