A trip through the Rockies

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Experience Canada’s iconic Rocky Mountaineer and enjoy the glorious countryside and scenery as you sit back and let your worries fade away. 

Rail Plus offers several itineraries on Canada’s Rocky Mountaineer, so whether it’s the bustle of Vancouver, the romance of Banff or the snow-capped mountains of Whistler that have taken you to the other side of the world, you simply won’t be disappointed.

On board the Rocky Mountaineer to can choose from three levels of service to suit your budget. RedLeaf offers a comprehensive taste of Canadian hospitality in large reclining seats with picture windows to ensure you don’t miss the view. For a little extra you can enjoy the view from the purpose built dome windows in SilverLeaf. And if it’s pure unadulterated luxury that you crave, then look no further than GoldLeaf and its full-length picture windows.

If you’ve always wanted to experience Canada’s Rocky Mountains by rail, find out what Rail Plus has on offer.


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