Explore Peru

Peru is a land of contrasts and vast panoramic landscapes, friendly people and colourful local events. A taste of all these aspects of the Peruvian experience can be enjoyed whilst seated in the comfort of the dining car of the Andean Explorer.

This fabulous journey can be undertaken from Puno (near Lake Titicaca) to the ancient city of Cusco, or back. We are travelling north to Cusco, from where we will catch another train to the spa town of Agua Caliente, the jumping off point for magical Machu Picchu. Cusco is located high in the Andes, but our starting point, Lake Titicaca, at 4000 feet is even higher! In fact it is the highest lake in the world – a shimmering pool of brilliant blue, with the floating islands of Uros a short boat ride from the town. These 42 man-made islands of dried reeds support the traditional lifestyle of hundreds of local pre-Incan people.

The Explorer takes you across the plains of Peru and through the Andes with many fantastic photo opportunities. But even more fun are the local musicians who board the train and entertain passengers with haunting local ballads and lively dance music. A three course lunch is served after passengers have enjoyed a welcome pisco sour – the nicely addictive local drop of pisco, lemon juice, egg white and syrup. The Andean Explorer offers a day of sheer fun – if you visit Peru, make sure you include this 10-hour rail delight in your itinerary.

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Departs as per below schedule 8am, arriving 6pm

November – March: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

April – October: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday