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Rail Plus is Australia’s largest International Rail wholesaler. While Rail Plus specialise’s in Europe, they also sell Via Rail in Canada, Amtrak in the US, Japan Rail and Great Rail Journeys of the world which focus on exotic trains like Blue Train and Rovos Rail in South Africa, Palace on Wheels in India, Orient Express & Eastern & Oriental Express in Europe and Asia respectively and The Rocky Mountaineer in Canada. Great Rail Journeys of the World

There are two distinct rail products when you think of train travel in Europe.

Rail Passes and Point to Points. Rail passes allow you to purchase a set number of days, generally over a two-month period. For example a France, Italy and Germany three country select pass allows between five,six,eight & 10 days to be purchased over a two-month period. So if five days is purchased you have basically got five, 24-hour periods (midnight to midnight)  to utilise the pass over two months. You’re not restricted to one rail journey per day, you can do as many journeys as you please between a 24-hour period and it’s considered a one-day usage of your rail pass. It gives the ultimate flexibility to travel when you want to.

A point-to-point is essentially purchasing one journey. For example, Paris to Rome is a common route where customers then pick up a car from Rome and drive to their villa in Tuscany.

The key to rail travel is the speed, efficiency and the stress-free environment. For example. It’s 600 kms or a seven-hour drive from Paris to Bordeaux. It takes three and a half hours by train/TGV. The beauty is you haven’t had to worry about traffic congestion leaving Paris or getting intimate with a street directory. You also don’t pay tolls or fuel and you don’t worry about parking once you reach Bordeaux. You can sit back and sleep, read, chat to the locals or drink champagne while traveling up to 300 km’ per hour and you once again avoiding the traffic congestion once you hit Bordeaux. This example can be played out right across Europe.

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Rail Plus has made it simple to book passes and point-to-points on line efficiently and conveniently 24-hours a day.
Take a look at these six simple steps to make a rail pass booking in Europe, in this case a France and Italy pass.

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France – Italy Pass

Rail is simply the best way to see Europe. Did you know that the famous Eurostar takes over 60 per cent of travellers going between London and Paris or Paris to London across the English channel. And why wouldn’t you! The Eurostar point-to-point fare search

leaves from the heart of London from Waterloo station. No tow and a half  hour check in at the airport here. Arrive 30 minutes prior to departure and you’ll have plenty of time. Speaking of departures how’s the frequencies? Timetable for the Eurostar

Once you’re on board, two adn a half hours later you’re in the heart of Paris arriving at Paris Gare de Nord station. No lengthy immigration queues or waiting around to pick up baggage. Generally it’s a quick stroll to your centrally located hotel or a five-minute taxi ride. Again these delays at airports are applicable whenever you fly interanlly within Europe.

So there you have it,  by now you’re a train convert and can’t wait to experience a TGV in Europe. Enjoy!!