See Europe with a Eurail pass

Make your way through Europe at your own pace with the flexibility of a Eurail pass. Whether you’re on a whistle-stop tour, or taking things a little more leisurely, there’s a Eurail pass to suit your travel plans and budget.

Eurail Select Pass
A Eurail Select Pass is ideal if you’re planning on stopping a while in several European countries. Offering you the flexibility of choosing three, four or five countries to visit from a selection of 24, you can make the most of your time in Europe.

Find out more about the Eurail Select Pass.

Eurail Global Continuous Pass
If your idea of travel is to see as much as possible in the time you’re away, then a Eurail Global Continuous Pass allows you to travel around selected European countries for up to three months.

Find out more about the Eurail Global Continuous Pass.

Eurail Single-Country Pass
Not everyone wants to jump from country to country when they travel, many people choose to see the most of one country and immerse themselves in the culture. A Eurail Single-Country Pass enable you to travel extensively around the country of your choice, ensuring you miss nothing.

Find out more about the Eurail Single-Country Pass.

Not sure which pass to choose? Use Rail Plus’ simple planning guide to ensure you get the most affordable ticket to match your travel plans.

Don’t forget to check out the bonuses which come with your selected Eurail Pass. With 50 per cent off ferry fares, 10 per cent of selected hotels and reduced fares on local buses just some of the discounts on offer, your travel budget can go further than you think.

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