Reward yourself with a voyage of discovery with Viking

Viking offer an intimate window to another world with a small ship fleet designed for exploration, docking in ports of call physically unattainable to other cruise lines.

While passengers on larger ships are being herded through a tourism cliché for their daily disembarkation, Viking passengers are probably already experiencing the beating heart of a city.  

Viking’s mission is the same today as when the company started: exploring the world in comfort.

Because for Viking, it’s not just about the simple joy of cruising. The award-winning line has developed a suite of exceptional immersive passenger experiences. Viking understands its passengers are curious, cultured and not ready to compromise on the everyday. As such its onboard and onshore offerings are designed to educate, inform and entertain in the best of exquisite art and architecture, charming local culture – and charming locals – and inspired food and wine experiences, all to guarantee your voyage is a treasured memory, long after you disembark.  

But it’s not just about exploring, Viking also offers the opportunity to expand your mind.

Onboard, the Viking experience enhances your time on the ship with a taste of the region you are moving through instead of a one-size-fits-all schedule. You can expect engaging and informative lectures, performances featuring local artists, destination-themed movies and destination-focused drinks, dining and entertainment. Imagine tasting and toasting a wine from a vineyard you have just passed by.  

Viking’s onboard experiences are designed to inspire.

Onshore, it’s time to follow the call of your curiosity with carefully curated tours designed to extract the most out of your time.

Viking has used its decades of experience to refine and partner with some of the best local experts, including many intimate behind-the-scenes opportunities simply not possible for bigger ships.

Whether it’s exploring stunning architecture with an expert guide, mingling with the locals at a vibrant market or building up your palate at a cooking class or wine tasting, Viking’s onshore tours deliver an exceptional level of immersion that cannot be matched.

Expect to be amazed by the depth and delight of Viking onshore tour.

As the Thinking Person’s Cruise Line, Viking has chosen its onshore experiences with three pillars in mind. Local Life: it’s all about exploring the daily rhythm of life amongst the locals. Maybe visit Vietnam’s back streets by cyclo pedicab, browse a vintage bookstore only the locals know or discover a city’s hidden favourite restaurants.

Local Life: it’s all about exploring the daily rhythm of life amongst the locals. Maybe visit Vietnam’s back streets by cyclo pedicab, browse a vintage bookstore only the locals know or discover a city’s hidden favourite restaurants.

Working World: Viking believes nothing gives greater insight into a destination than seeing its local people at work. Take the time to appreciate the skill of local craftspeople at a demonstration, enjoy an informative tour of a working winery or even discover how famous local food is grown or harvested.

Privileged Access: Viking has worked hard over the years to build an enviable foundation of exclusive private tours. These select offers range from private showings of artistic treasures such as a tour of the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, to experiencing the joy of the Vienna Boys’ Choir.

To enrich your experience, Viking makes a priority of everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

So, to concentrate on extracting the most enjoyment from your voyage, Viking has a policy of no kids, no formal evenings, no casinos and no surprise extra taxes and fees.

While you can choose your own adventure from the many onshore options available, Viking also provides one free onshore excursion at every port of call to enjoy at your own pace.

Quietly weaving into the pleasure of your cruise is the quality of the onboard offerings. With sleek Scandinavian-inspired [MS1] interiors in calming colours, delicious complimentary food and beverage choices and ample windowed areas just to sit and watch the world go by, a Viking ship is designed to quietly, but luxuriously, amplify the maximum possible enjoyment out of your voyage.

And with a fleet of more than 90 vessels across the world, from sea voyages, river cruises, and expeditions there is an itinerary out there for you.

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Jan Fisher
Jan Fisher
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