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A Viking voyage is just as much about what is left out as what is included.

Rather than try to be all things to all people, Viking has carefully curated its ships and itineraries to cater to the over 50s who prefer a meaningful experience rather than showy thrills.

That means no children on board, no casinos, no formal evenings and no surprise extras like taxes or fees.

What’s included are immersive onboard experiences, charming and informative shore excursions at every port, tailored itineraries, cultural enrichment and fine cuisine. All the while cruising on quietly luxurious ships designed to wrap you up in chic Scandinavian style.

It’s no wonder that the Viking approach to doing cruising differently has garnered awards and captivated guests around the world.

Viking is driven to reward its discerning travellers to explore and engage with the world.

As well as European river itineraries, the line travels along Egypt’s Nile River, Southeast Asia’s Mekong River and the Mississippi River in the US.  

Ocean itineraries travel the world with particular focus on Scandinavia and Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Australia and New Zealand, Asia, Alaska, North and South America and Africa.

For adventure lovers, Viking offers expedition voyages in Antarctica, the Arctic and North America’s Great Lakes with its polar class ships the Viking Octantis and Viking Polaris.

Viking’s onboard offerings are designed to educate and inspire well-travelled, curious Australians. On any given day, you may be savouring the wine of the region you are passing through, or enjoying a cultural performance from local artists.

You can also expect expert talks, live performances and hands-on demonstrations to add greater insight to your journey.

For example, by joining forces with such storied institutions as the Metropolitan Opera and the Los Angeles Ballet, Viking’s guests can be confident they are experiencing the apex of the region’s artistic and cultural offerings. These are just some of the unique partnership offerings Viking has entered into around the world to elevate the experience of every guest.

But the quiet life is also celebrated on board with libraries, movies, or ample opportunities to do no more than capture the many stunning views, or just sit and relax, perhaps with your favourite beverage through the 24-hour tea and coffee service.

Onshore, Viking uses its decades of experience to ensure guests extract the maximum enjoyment out of their exploration, with a free shore excursion at each port accompanied by expert local guides who’ll immerse you in the area’s culture, history and cuisine.

Viking has partnered with knowledgeable guides to extract the best onshore experiences.

You may have the chance to explore a hidden market, take expert tips from a local chef at a cooking demonstration or view a private art collection. Or choose an excursion to experience nature at its most magnificent.

But it’s not just meaningful culture and discerning itineraries, Viking’s philosophy extends to its ship construction.

Inspired by the clean, simple lines and functional design of Scandinavian style, ship interiors invite calm into your cruise with understated elegance, a sense of serenity and considered interiors.

As far as you can get from mini-floating cities, Viking ships are designed to offer a relaxed atmosphere with inviting shared spaces and generous staterooms to make guest comfort and enjoyment a priority.

Every onboard feature has been chosen with purpose. All staterooms are designed to maximise personal space without wasting an inch on showy novelties you will never need. But that doesn’t mean the finer things have been ignored. Expect premium toiletries, large showers, and sumptuous linens.

Enjoy the food and wine of the region you travel through with Viking.

And as a small ship cruise line, it can anchor at smaller, exclusive destinations to offer a more intimate level of service. With a smaller number of guests, there’s also no need to be rushed ashore or on your return. You will never feel ‘herded’ on a Viking ship.

With a fleet of more than 90 vessels, Viking can take you to all corners of the world. From Europe’s famous rivers to open ocean cruising, Viking has a cruise to suit all tastes.

To discover more about a Viking voyage visit here to give in to your inner adventurer.

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Jan Fisher
Jan Fisher
Accomplished journalist, feature writer and sub-editor with impressive knowledge of the retirement landscape, including retirement income, issues that affect Australians planning and living in retirement, and answering YLC members' Age Pension and Centrelink questions. She has also developed a passion for travel and lifestyle writing and is fast becoming a supermarket savings 'guru'.
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