Save up to $1000 per couple

Can you picture yourself wandering the cobblestoned streets of Lisbon, sipping world-class wines in Tuscany or discovering the storybook villages of Cornwall?

There’s no better time to make your European escape a reality. Back-Roads Touring is offering you an exclusive sneak peek discount of up to $1000 per couple on 10 of its UK and Europe 2018 tours. To whet your appetite, here’s a sample of what’s on offer.

Corners of Cornwall
Dartmoor, Falmouth, St Ives and Fowey

From windswept moors and wild coastlines to historic cities and picture-perfect fishing villages. Discover the maritime heritage, rural beauty and culinary pride of the south western tip of England. And, even with a busy schedule, there’s time to have your own adventures, too.

Italian Indulgence
Tuscany, Cinque Terre, The Lakes and Venice

Discover cities that have shaped the world’s culture. With their regional flavours and renowned wines, celebrated around the globe. Picture-perfect landscapes that will capture your imagination and stay in your heart are all around. Exploring Italy is truly an experience to be savoured.

Iberian Inspiration
Toledo, Cordoba, Granada, Ronda and Aracena

East meets west, and past meets present. Spain and Portugal offer a heady mix of treasures, from Arabic palaces and Roman temples to Catholic cathedrals. You’ll experience it all on a rural road trip, in search of hidden Iberia.

Inspired? Then here’s a little more about what Back-Roads Touring offers.

Picture a touring holiday that delves that bit deeper. One that doesn’t simply drop by top sights and major cities – but invites you to see a destination through the eyes of the people who know it best: the locals who call it home. Where journeys are made for absorbing never-to-be-forgotten views, not darting from A to B, and each day ends in a cherry-picked boutique retreat loaded with local charm.

The key ingredient? Experienced guides who can turn an exciting getaway into something truly extraordinary. Telling you the stories and secrets behind stately homes as you wander the corridors. Showing you the perfect position to see the sun set over a city skyline. And pointing you towards the exact patch of coastline where you can try oysters, straight off the boat.

And all the while, you can be confident that your Back-Roads tour is being run responsibly and with sustainable tourism in mind. In fact, its commitment to green practises has earned the company a Silver Green Tourism rating.

Ready to book and save on your 2018 UK or Europe trip? Call 1300 100 410 to book and discover the Back-Roads Difference.

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