Six reasons why self-drive is better

Heading to Europe, the UK or North America? Here are six excellent reasons why self-drive is the best way to go.  And with more than thirty years’ experience in self-drive, DriveAway Holidays are indisputably the best company to travel with.

1. Independence
Do you hate being woken super early and rushed out of an interesting town before you’ve had a chance to explore? Self-drive means you can travel at your own pace, spending more time where you like and less where you don’t. So, if a local museum sparks your interest, you can take your time, secure in the knowledge that your ‘ride’ won’t depart without you.

2. Economy
The more people who travel together, the greater the savings. All other modes of transport will charge you per person, but with self-drive, the more the merrier and the more economical.

3. Affordability
Taxis, ride shares and public transport can often become quite pricey. With DriveAway Holidays, you have the ability to search & compare car hire from all the major suppliers worldwide. This means you can book confidently, knowing that you’re getting the best price possible. 

4. Off the beaten track
There’s no end to the list of adventurous locations you can visit when you are in charge behind the wheel. The beauty of  self-drive means you can leave big cities behind and enjoy more genuine ‘local’ experiences in tiny villages, towns and hamlets. Sure you’ll need to do more forward planning, but that’s half the fun.

5. The easiest way to transport all your luggage
While we love travelling by train and plane, nothing beats being able to store your bits and pieces in the boot. No better feeling knowingthat wherever and whenever you stop next, your bags will still be there and readily accessible.

6. More accommodation options
The freedom to access Farm Stays and B&Bs which are often not on the itinerary of guided tours, nor near public transport hubs. Drive right up to the front door and treat it like a home away from home.

So, don’t delay, contact DriveAway Holidays the leaders in self-drive who can offer you all the major rental companies and the very best service. Visit or call 1300 363 500

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