Solo cruising made affordable

Coral Expeditions is expanding its solo traveller program with a range of new options and offers that cater for contemporary solo travellers.

“We are seeing a building interest and demand from solo travellers in the expedition sector in recent years,” said Jeff Gillies, commercial director of Coral Expeditions.

“We understand guests are choosing to travel on their own for many different reasons, so we are motivated to ensure we are offering attractive and suitable options for explorers to consider.”

Solo travel is as popular as ever and the popularity of cruising is also on the rise, especially among baby boomers. A recent survey revealed that 54 per cent would rather go on a cruise than travel on land.

However, cruising for singles has been notoriously expensive. After all, most cruise lines only (or mostly) offer staterooms for two, leaving solo cruisers with the prospect of paying a singles supplement to cover the cost of the lost income that would be derived from the ‘missing’ passenger.

Coral Expeditions has seen an increase in the number of inquiries by singles and, in response, has focused its attention on making solo cruising more affordable.

It’s doing this by offering special packages for singles and creating themed cruises that encourage like-minded travellers to come together to share the adventure experience, take part in engaging programs onboard, and share the spirit of friendship onboard its smaller vessels.

“Our ships hold no more than 120 passengers at one time, which is a deliberate decision to ensure the experience is intimate and the onboard atmosphere is warm and welcoming. All guests dine together, swapping stories and making new friends as they take in the ever-changing vistas on our expedition sailings,” said Mr Gillies.

“We’ve had many instances where travellers have initially met on an expedition voyage and now choose to cruise together every year. That’s shows us true friendships and bonds can be made on our adventures.”

Coral Expeditions has also developed a variety of options for the single traveller, such as:

No Single Supplement
Ideal for those who desire to have their own space, No Single Supplement offers are available on all Great Barrier Reef departures year-round and on selected itineraries in regions such as Raja Ampat and the Spice Island, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands and South Pacific. It’s not too late to book a 2019 cruise either, with limited spots still available on these itineraries:

New Guinea Circle
35-nights departing Darwin 2 October 2020. 17-night half-segments available.

Customs & Craftsmen of New Guinea
22-nights departs 8 October 2019. Half segments available.

A Passage to the Solomon’s, The South Pacific
11-nights departs Cairns to Honiara departing 16 October 2019; or Honiara to Cairns 11-nights departing 27 October 2019.

Raja Ampat & Spice Islands
12-nights departs 21 December 2019.

Single Occupancy fares
Single Occupancy fares are for guests who would like a confirmed booking on a voyage in a private cabin. Single Occupancy fares apply to designated single cabin categories on each ship. These fares give the certainty of a double cabin to the single traveller.

Standby Single fares
If you’re happy to ‘put your name in the hat’ and wait for big savings, then take advantage of Coral Expeditions’ Standby Single fares. This option is suitable for guests who are flexible in their travel times but would like to have a private cabin without paying a single supplement. Once a fare becomes available. You’ll be contacted 30 days prior to departure to confirm travel. There is no initial cost involved in putting your name on the list and upon booking, you can get the no single supplement and your preferred cabin.

Single Guest Match
Looking to buddy up with someone on your next cruise? How would you like to be matched up with another likeminded single? Coral Expeditions’ Single Guest Match plan, like the Standby Singles fare, is suitable for guests who are flexible in their travel times but are willing to share a cabin with another guest of the same sex. Unlike the Standby Singles fare, it is possible to receive a confirmation well ahead of departure if the reservation team can match up single travellers. And don’t worry about being shacked up with a stranger – successful matches are introduced to each other prior to ensure a rapport is built up before sailing.

For more information on solo travelling options, visit or call Coral Expeditions’ Reservations team on 1800 079 545.

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