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After having heart surgery, Ruth needs a little assistance to help her navigate the airport.

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YOURLifeChoices member Ruth is keen to fly to New Zealand but after having heart surgery, she needs a little assistance to help her navigate the airport.

Q. Ruth

I recently had heart surgery but am now cleared for travel. I would like to go from Sydney to Wellington NZ, but want to know if there is any kind of service that would escort me from the airport kerbside through the customs, passport checks, baggage check in etc, until I am met at other end. Does anyone know about such things?

A. I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend and looking forward to travelling to New Zealand. Most airlines offer assistance to senior travellers, or those with medical and mobility issues who need support when travelling. The level of assistance varies so I would check before you book what is on offer. To give you an idea of the services available, below are links to the four larger airlines which fly to New Zealand from Sydney.



Air New Zealand


There are also companies who will provide a travel companion if you need more assistance than provided by the airline. Of course, there is a charge for this service which will include the cost of the additional seat on the flight. One such company is Air Travel Companion.

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    29th May 2013
    I know that Singapore Airlines will do what you require.
    From experience, I have found the quickest way through passport control, customs etc is to book wheelchair when you book your ticket.
    You will most likely have to have a letter from your GP to say you are fit to fly.

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