Solo travel – five good reasons to go it alone

Here are five good reasons why travelling solo can be fun.

Confident mature man travelling solo

Travelling solo can be daunting but it’s a great way to ensure you’re able to do what you want. If you’re without a travel companion, here are five reasons why you shouldn't let it stop you travelling.

1. Your own company is fun
Life is busy and seldom do you get time on your own. Travelling solo gives you the opportunity to remind yourself just how great a person you are. You can reflect on all the good things you’ve done in your life, set yourself some goals and simply enjoy your own company.

2. You can be who you want
Okay, we’re not talking about reinventing yourself Walter Mitty style, but when you meet people while you’re travelling on your own, you can decide which aspects of your life you share and which you might choose to ‘embellish’. Taking on a different persona might just give you the confidence to chat to strangers and locals – your travel experience should be all the richer for doing so.

3. You’ll be be empowered
When was the last time you felt a real sense of achievement, other than managing to correctly match all your socks on laundry day? All too often we give up trying to challenge ourselves as the day-to-day necessities of life take over. You don't need to bungee jump or skydive to feel good about yourself; simply being able to order a drink in a foreign country or not getting lost in a big city can make you ridiculously proud.

4. You’ll be less stressed
Sure, you are responsible for everything when you travel on your own, but not having to deal with everyone else’s nonsense can take the stress out of going on holiday. Also, you don't have to try and please someone else or do things that don't excite you just to keep the peace.

5. You’ll have a hotel room all to yourself
Now, this really is a luxury. Hotel rooms can be tight for space, especially if you're travelling on a budget, so imagine not tripping over someone else’s luggage trying to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night and being able to spread out on a queen bed. Oh, and you don't have to share all those dinky toiletries either.



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    Ted Wards
    1st Feb 2017
    As someone who travels alone I couldn't agree more. I also travel with friends occasionally and I never enjoy it as much. I'm off in December on my own again doing a 21 day river cruise from Prague to Paris. Can't wait. I've never seen snow or experienced real cold so its going to be such a great experience.

    You can also eat when you want, sleep in if you what, change your mind about something, be spontaneous and not ruin someone elses plan.

    The down side to it is that you don't share something special with anyone but through facebook you can! There are also no specials for single travelers except I booked the cruise under early bird so didn't pay a single supplement saving nearly $4000.

    Funny thing is that solo traveling will only become more popular as people age, don't marry, lose their partners and so on. Pity there aren't any forward thinking travel agents who would take this up and get rid of the single supplement and other penalties!

    I'm also a single travel blogger and have my own site.
    1st Feb 2017
    Ted a simple google search brings up a number of tour operators who offer singles holidays (not the matchmaking kind!).

    I disagree that single travel will become more popular as people age. Young people have always travelled alone particularly men! Think of the Grand Tours of a hundred years ago when young men travelled through Europe and India. I have no doubt they will continue to do so as well as 'older' people.

    I dislike the single person supplement too but there are many hotels now that charge by the room and not by the person. There are even some cruises that do not charge the supplement. But I agree there is still a way to go yet.
    1st Feb 2017
    Ted if that is your actual name can I suggest you get a nickname for security instead of putting your full name up. ????
    1st Feb 2017
    Ted you'll have a fab time in Europe in the winter. I've doe it-no crowds,often clear blue skies. Just throw onan overcoat, scarf and gloves and beanie and enjoy. I love travelling solo but legs tire easily so I can't cope with standing listening to guides anymore. Anyway, one forgets most of it. I buy a postcard every day and on it I summarize my day-I can fit a lot on a postcard. Then I send it home to MYSELF. It's just so amazing to arive home and find a diary waiting for me. Also, another tip. Buy a few Aussie mementoes when at the airport (e.g. those cheap strings of koalas of fridge magnets) and tuck them into your carry-on. Give one to the hotel concirges on arrival-it's amazing how the service is just that little better due to such a kindness.
    1st Feb 2017
    I always travel alone and thoroughly enjoy it. My next trip is a coach tour of Ireland and then, in Feb 2018 a cruise to New Zealand. OK I've paid a single supplement on the cruise but because I've booked so ar ahead, the price was good enough to upgrade to a balcony cabin! As for the Ireland tour, I'm prepared to chafe with a single lady traveller but if there isn;t one I get a room to myself without any extra charge. With a coach tour you spend little time in the hotel (only to sleep) so it was never a problem on my last ol;iday of this kind.
    2nd Feb 2017
    Have just travelled across America again by train alone . So cheap and you have a 2 berth cabin all to your self . All meals paid for too . Lots of interesting people to meet .
    I only go on a day tour when in a city to see the layout of the place and then go on my own . Far more fun . Public transport is far cheaper than the tour buses . I live on a strick budget to save up for my travels

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