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A multiple award-winning tour company, exclusively dedicated to celebrating solo travellers, was founded by Ken Morgan in 2012 after he discovered a lack of travel options for solo travellers.

“I operated a suburban retail travel agency and many of my clients were solos and we really struggled to find them good tour options. The industry is very couples centric and group touring, particularly, is set up around couples. It’s not a great experience for a solo to join a group full of couples and see the world. So, I thought, let’s do something about it and in 2012 Two’s a Crowd was launched focusing 100 per cent on solo travellers,” said Mr Morgan.

“When we first opened our doors, Two’s a Crowd operated within my existing travel agency. I had a staff of two people plus myself and for nearly three years we had two different phone numbers. Our first tour was a 14-day tour to Myanmar, and we had six people on it. We quickly added Vietnam and Cambodia, which is still one of our most popular destinations.

“Today we have a team of six in the office plus six tour hosts and we operate over 30 group departures a year, plus river and ocean cruise charters. Our tours range from seven to 23 days and we visit over 35 different destinations all over the world.”

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In 2017, Two’s a Crowd launched the world’s first solos-only river cruise, where everyone had their own cabin and there were no couples on board. The tour company already has a solid fan base, with many returning customers, but still plans to broaden its appeal for a larger range of solo travellers.

“We have many return customers that travel with us time and time again, some have even booked their 10th tour with us. I really believe they keep coming back because we offer great value with low single supplements, our solo travellers always get their own room and never have to share, tours are customised for groups of 10–20 solo travellers, so they always feel safe in a small group environment and every tour is fully escorted by a Two’s a Crowd tour host,” said Mr Morgan.

“The solo traveller market is so significant. The 2016 Australian Census revealed that around 25 per cent of households in Australia are occupied by a single person – that’s up from 20 per cent in 1991. This equates to over two million Australians. Although our business is thriving, we need to keep innovating. I want to do more ship chartering, add adventure touring and expand our destinations.”

Tours are customised for groups of 10-20 solo travellers, ensuring they always feel safe in a small group environment, while still receiving personalised attention, space and free time to explore along with the chance to enjoy authentic cultural experiences.

All Two’s a Crowd group tours offer:

  • great value with low single supplements
  • your own room always – no sharing!
  • fully escorted by a Two’s a Crowd tour host
  • English speaking, hand-picked local tour guides.

Tours visit more than 35 different destinations including Chile, Argentina and Brazil, Sri Lanka, Peru and Bolivia, Egypt and Jordan, Laos, Morocco, Tanzania Zanzibar, South Africa, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Russia and Eastern Europe, Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary, France Canal Barge, Portugal, Scandinavia, Spain, Southern India, Prague to Budapest, Budapest to Amsterdam, Northern India, Holland, Italy, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, Germany and Vietnam and Cambodia.

Two’s a Crowd will operate their fourth river cruise charter from Budapest to Amsterdam in August this year. Other ocean and river cruise charters have included Fiji, Vienna to Black Sea and back to Budapest and French rivers.

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  1. 0

    I have looked at this company’s tours and they are still pricey as some of the tours seems to still factored in solo traveller. Some cruise ships do have single rooms now but I would be interested to hear about the size of these rooms. Having done the Ghan train in a single cabin as well there is no room to stand and change into your clothes when the bed is out so you change sitting on the bed. If a company can offer same size rooms for singles that is a plus but I am not convinced that the cost is the same as a one person pays if two are travelling.

    • 0

      I totally agree with you. Many of these companies that boast they cater for singles, might be true they CATER for singles, but their PRICE is still prohibitive. Many times, if you actually check the same tour on their website, their so-called boasted special single price is still the same, or close to, the price as a normal single price with the extra single supplement.

    • 0

      I have to agree with Older&Wiser. There does not appear to be any difference in the single supplement price when going with one of these companies. The difference quite often is that the accommodation is not as good, fewer meals are included and sometimes the coaches and drivers are not top notch which is very important in some countries when you are whizzing around winding mountain roads as in parts of Greece. A friend recently went with an all ladies group on an extended tour that appeared to be good value for the price but not as well organised at it should have been. If it looks cheaper you need to do research to find out why.

  2. 0

    I used this company in 2017 and went to Iran. I enjoyed the trip very much and when I wanted to upgrade my flight home Ken had no problems sorting it out for me. His tour operator in Iran provided a great tour guide and fabulous bus driver.

  3. 0

    I have had a single cabin on a cruise and it was the same size as my usual double. I don’t know about the inside cabins but this is certainly the case with oceanview.
    I was very pleasantly surprised. Generally companies that advertise tours for solo travellers have much more expensive tours. I’ve compared and found I’ve paid less for tours advertising pp (price per person) and a single supplement.



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