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Roger is keen to take advantage of interstate travel concessions, but is unsure where to find information and buy tickets.

YOURLifeChoices member Roger is looking forward to a trip to Sydney and is keen to take advantage of interstate travel concessions, but is unsure where to find information and buy tickets.

Q. Roger
My wife and I are going to Sydney in November this year and I have read that seniors get half-price fares on public transport. I have found no information on where you can purchase the tickets. We are staying at a hotel near Erskine Street and I would be most grateful if you could inform me of the closest place to buy pre-paid tickets.

A. Seniors Card holders can access public transport concessions when travelling interstate. In NSW this includes half-fare concessions on government-operated rail, bus and ferry services, private bus services and some private ferry services. To find out more about half fare concessions, visit NSW Transport Info

There are also three different cheap daily excursion tickets, which cost $2.50. To find details of the routes covered by these tickets, visit NSW Transport Info

Purchasing your tickets can be done at any transport station in Sydney. You can find the nearest station by using the interactive map on the NSW Transport website, or by calling 131 500. 


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    30th Oct 2012
    I live on the border of Qld and NSW and only knw it too well. The Queensland Govt. hate Aged Pensioners. They make them use GO CARDS and the like. If an aged pensioner goes shopping and has to contend with a few shopping bags, on pension day, they have to get out their GO CARD and then find their reading glasses to see if they have enough money on it. Then they have to log off at the other end otherwise they will be penalised We can go to Murwinbah (Murbah), and back for $2.50 and to Cassino for the same price. Distqandes of 50 klsms and 250 klms. I don't mean to say that all pensioners should get a special concession but I think that Aged Pensioners, should, have the same benefit that the NSW Pensioers get. They have helped make the country that we live in SPECIAL, despite what the Government is doing to bring it down. (Oppostition as well). They all spend the four years of their term trying to get back in.
    30th Oct 2012
    I live in Sydney and our Senior card as well as pension cards can access all public buses, trains and ferries for $2.50 per day. Not only in the metropolitan area (make sure you go on teh Manly Ferry across the harbour) but you are able to go to the Blue Mountains and down to Wollongong or North to Newcastle for the same price. It is a wonderful system - you can buy your concession tickets at most newsagencies as well as some corner store outlets. You just place your ticket into the machine when boarding the bus, or at the trai/ferry station Have a great time!!!!
    31st Oct 2012
    My Sister informed me that Pensioners travelling in Melbourne over the weekend do not have to pay fares. Come on Sydney, why not catch up to Melbourne, they seem to be more up to date with things.
    31st Oct 2012
    I went to Sydney last year and used public transport to get around which I had never done before. I just bought the $2.50 ticket from the bus driver in the early morning and everything was fine. I was amazed at how cheap it was. I went to Lithgow and back one day from Penrith by train and loved the experience.

    27th Apr 2015
    I know that in Wollongong we do have a few concessions for the older folk. But even if you are young and able, don't you want to take public transport anyway just to see what it's like to travel like the locals? Besides you'll still save a lot of money than driving or cabbing everywhere!

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