Should I travel to India alone?

Sandra has always wanted to travel to India but is concerned after recent reports in the news about foreign women being assaulted.


I have always wanted to visit India, but am concerned about how safe it is for me to travel alone after hearing some news reports about assaults on foreign women. What advice do you have for solo female travellers wanting to visit India?


India is on my bucket list too Sandra, but I can understand your hesitation in travelling there by yourself after some rather concerning news reports in recent times.

As with any form of solo travel, using your common sense and following your instincts will serve you well. Many of the attacks that have been reported have occurred in rural areas that are off the traditional tourist tracks, so you would do well not to stray into lesser known areas.

Ensure that friends and family have a copy of your itinerary, check in with them often and keep them up-to-date with any changes. You should also register your travel plans with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade at

Staying in hostels is a great way to meet up with fellow travellers and you will generally find yourself heading in the same direction or to the same sights. In my experience, once you get chatting to others about what to see and how to get to the places which you want to visit, invitations to join them will be forthcoming – so don’t be shy, tag along – there is safety in numbers.

Guided group travel is always a great option for anyone travelling alone. While you will be driven to all the places of interest to and your accommodation, you are always guaranteed company, whether it be from your fellow group members or your tour guide.

If you are interested in health, wellness, yoga or spirituality, another possibility you may wish to consider while traveling alone in India is visiting an ashram or guesthouse. These are not only a safe accommodation option, but there is also lots of opportunity to take yoga classes, study and meet other women traveling alone.

Are you a single, female who has travelled to India alone? What advice can you offer Sandra to keep her safe on her travels?

Written by Andrea