Top cruise lines for solo cruisers

Which cruise lines are best for solo cruisers?

Top cruise lines for solo cruisers

Do you love the idea of a high seas holiday, but are unsure about cruising by yourself?  Well fear not as there is a growing number of people who want to, or have to, cruise on their own. But as those in the know will tell you, cruising can be an ideal holiday for older singles. More cruise lines are welcoming solo cruisers with social activities such as special receptions, single activities, and ‘gentlemen’ hosts for dancing, so here’s our pick of the best cruise lines to consider.

Holland America Line
This line is famous for attracting solo cruisers, with programs which don't require partners to participate and activities providing a great way to meeting others, such as cooking classes. Holland America’s Single Partners Program is also available on most cruises, featuring special events for those travelling alone.

Cunard Line
On Cunard, singles are often assigned to tables for dinner with other singles and gentleman hosts are available for dancing. There is also a wide variety of other activities from enrichment lectures and workshops, which don’t require a partner to attend. Another bonus is single staterooms; Queen Elizabeth, for example, has nine, including eight outside and one inside.

P&O World Cruises
P&O is increasing its single staterooms; Arcadia, which is an adults-only ship, has a range including two with balconies introduced in a recent refurbishment – a first for the line. Also the new Britannia, which debuts next year, will have 27 single staterooms of various types.

Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Epic was the first NCL ship to feature 128 inside studio staterooms for singles, and access to an exclusive social space, Studio Lounge. Both of its recent new-builds, Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Getaway, have 59 studios each, and when Norwegian Escape launches next year, she will have 82.

Crystal Cruises
This luxury cruise line is popular among solo cruisers, thanks to a wide range of activities on its two ships, special parties for solo cruisers, and gentleman hosts. Crystal is also the only cruise line at this end of scale which still offers fixed seating dining, while the ‘Table for 8’ program allows solo cruisers to dine at specialty restaurants with other singles.

The boutique ships in Seabourn’s Odyssey class are intimate enough for people to get to know other cruisers easily. Also, and a nice touch, the ship’s officers and entertainers host tables for dinner every night, with special consideration given to anyone travelling alone.

Royal Caribbean
The line’s new ship, Quantum of the Seas, which launches in November, and Anthem of the Seas, which debuts next year, will both have dedicated staterooms for solo cruisers; a total of 28 each. Twelve have balconies, while the 16 interiors will feature industry first ‘virtual balconies’ – floor-to-ceiling LED display screens projecting live images of the ocean and ports.

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    26th Jul 2014
    Regrettably, the above article is quite deceptive. For the past few years I have spent hours and hours searching for a single friendly cruise. I have to laugh when above says '27 single rooms'. 27 aren't going to go far - even 270 wouldn't be enough. They simply do not exist or not available. I have tried everything - on line, travel agents, travel trade shows, etc. I remember the almost excitement I felt when I did get the offer of single cabin - until they advised the price - $120 cheaper than a twin room price! THAT is not a single room. That is a blatant rip off.
    After speaking to many fellow singles (and couples) around my age (60) I have finally paid a deposit for a cruise on the Celebrity Solstice - not till 2016, so that should give me plenty of time to find a fellow traveler. If I don't, then I simply cancel the booking. I did look at some of the other named company's above. But most are US or Europe based. I don't want to double my holiday budget by having to pay extra for unwanted air fares. And no matter how much you search, you will never find a price for ONE person. They are all based on twin cabin. I spoke to one agent at a Travel Show, and she said that what few single rooms that are available, are booked years in advance, and many times by the same people. I don't want to have to share a room with a stranger, but will have to simply to avoid the discriminatory double person's charge. What annoys me also, is that - even though the cruise I would like to go in is 2 years away - they want BOTH people's names NOW. If I change names - there is a hefty surcharge - again, discriminatory. Should not have give final names until final payment is due, not 2 years ahead of time. I rarely travel, and it is simply because of cost. I get sick and tired of the excuse that 'a single person is depriving a ship/hotel of the ability to get full occupancy rates. Rubbish - the 2 holidays I have taken, the places were half empty, and they should have been pleased to get anyone in a room. As it is, a single person often makes room cleaning easier (I don't use all the towels, or all the beds, etc).
    Disappointed in the above article - might sound nice in theory, and sounds good when the liner company's say they are 'singles' friendly - that is total rubbish. They like single passengers - because they then charge them double. Anyone want to go on a great cruise?
    26th Jul 2014
    I am in the throes of looking for a travelling companion for a cruise I plan to do next year. I am travelling with 4 other ladies, so I won't be solo as such. It is a big ask of friends to come along to keep you company and save you money....

    by the way In2, The Solstice is a great ship. My favourite though is the Century. It is smaller and more friendly I think. The food on the Celebrity line is fantastic and the head chef of the line is an Australian guy.

    Anyway, keep searching, you have plenty of time, and sometimes if you book closer to time you get better last minute deals. Some travel agents can put you in touch with people who are looking for travel mates, so that you can meet up and see if you might be compatible. Worth a try. Good luck.
    26th Jul 2014
    I'm off on a 14 day Mediterranean cruise in September. Yes, I paid a single supplement for my own cabin but it wasn't exhorbitant as I booked almost 12 months in advance. While I've had no problem in sharing on a coach tour in the past, I prefer my cabin to myself on something like a cruise when you are likely to be in it more often. It makes good business sense that cruise companies would charge a single supplement as they are earning less per cabin and per passenger with solo travellers. You defintely need to check carefully though as single supplements vary from company to company and some can be as much as 100%.
    26th Jul 2014
    I totally agree with in2sunset. I have only been on one cruise in Australia and at my stage of life and as a solo cruiser do not want to pay to share with a stranger. A friend of mine did this and it totally ruined her cruise. When are cruise lines and hotels going to realise not everyone has a travel companion and offer some true "solo" package prices so we too can enjoy travel. Every time I read an article on Your Life Choices which starts off as "Top Cruise Lines for Solo Cruisers", I quickly discover it is yet again more deceptive journalism.
    26th Jul 2014
    Have you ever seen a genuine "single" hotel room for a solo traveller? They're a little big bigger than a broom closet and appear to be rooms cobbled together out of odd unused spaces here and there throughout the building. They're always going to be limited in number. "single" cabins on a ship would likely be even smaller. I'd rather pay the supplement and be comfortable.
    26th Jul 2014
    Well Rose from Perth, no need to get all defensive. Let me point out to you I worked in the Airline Industry for 25 years and I have stayed in single rooms, double rooms, king rooms and suites from 2 star to 5 star and have never experienced any problems with a single room. I am not suggesting a single room as such, rather a regular size room where a solo traveller pays a reasonable rate, not a 200% supplement. Cruise lines make enough money that they could afford to offer a number of standard cabins to solo travellers at a reasonable rate also. I don't know why I bother posting comments. Their is always someone who thinks they know it all.
    26th Jul 2014
    Actually, in all my travels I've never been asked to pay a single supplement for a hotel room. The room rates have been just that - a flat rate for the room. I'm booked into two hotels before this cruise and neither charges any extra for a solo traveller. The European coach tour offered a share room at no supplemental cost, however another solo traveller had a "single" room and in most of the hotels it was a broom closet. The only single supplement I've had to pay is for the cruise itself and that was not a huge amount. It's no so much knowing better as going by personal experience. Obviously we must have been staying at very different hotels.
    16th Aug 2014
    Dippity, take a look at or
    RSVP site also has travel section where you get choice of solo or share on the hoildays they have pre arranged. I put an ad here on Y.L.C message board & had several repies & in touch with many ladies in same position. A small group have been on a cheap trial holiday to Qld & had a great time. Part sections of a world cruise with overseas Cruise Ships often have solo or share. It seems mainly Australian cruise Lines that will not offer finding cruise buddies thro their companies. So get back to me if you wat to go on our single /solo ladies travel list. I will send the email address via P.M. Hope this helps. Gypsyfeet

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