Strange airport security protocols

It may seem annoying when you’re asked to pull out your laptop or tablet, or have airport security rifle through your toiletries bag looking for liquids or powders, but we all go through this process knowing that it’s our safety they have in mind.

So, it’s somewhat perplexing when you hear stories such as this.

Earlier this month, a passenger in a German airport triggered a full terminal shutdown, after being reluctant to disclose the contents of their suitcase.

The passenger claimed it was full of ‘technical stuff’ but security feared the presence of explosives, so the entire terminal D at Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport was shut down and evacuated as staff searched the suspicious suitcase.

Turns out it was full of sex toys.

Then, not long after, a man passed through Düsseldorf airport security with 20 snakes in his carry-on bag and flew to Moscow, where Russian customs discovered the slithery contents.

The man told the Environmental Protection Agency in Moscow that he’d bought the snakes at a market in Germany and his receptacle of reptiles aroused no suspicion at the Düsseldorf security check.

So, supposedly, it’s okay to carry snakes in a bag, as long as they’re not venomous and passengers have the necessary documents.

But it does make one wonder why 120mls of shampoo would be confiscated at the gate.


What’s the strangest thing you’ve managed to get through customs? Have you ever been asked to leave something at the security check? What was it?

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Written by Leon Della Bosca

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