Super handy travel blanket

Australians are world renowned for being outdoors people – and for good reason. With over 100 blue sky days each year, you’d be mad to spend them inside when you could be at the beach, a park, or hitting the open road.


While most of us have an old picnic blanket or a rug lying around somewhere, this isn’t the most portable or handy, particularly when it comes to travelling, spontaneous picnics or beach days.



Thankfully, the clever people over at Matador have already addressed that issue with their Pocket Blanket. The blanket weighs less than 110g, despite the fact it is 160 x 110cm at full size, allowing you to ‘put yourself out there’ and ‘enjoy the outdoors anytime, anywhere’. In practical terms, that means it’s big enough for four people to sit on or two people to lie down on.


Both water and puncture resistant, it features weighted corners that also pull out to double as corner stakes for those windy days. Each corner also has a sand pocket for those breezy days at the beach.


With integrated storage – the attached pouch is smaller than a wallet and fits in both the palm of your hand and your pocket when fully folded. Unlike sleeping bags – which can be a nightmare to get back into their pouches – the Pocket Blanket even has a design of stitched lines so you know how to fold it.


The ideal solution for hiking, parks, picnics, beaches, festivals, concerts, camping and almost anything outdoorsy, it comes in two colours: Original Red and Alpine Green, and is guaranteed to make you want to never use another picnic rug or blanket again. Hardly surprising it has five star reviews!


RRP: approx. $38 plus shipping from Matador.


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