The airline banning fat passengers


Thai Airways has banned obese passengers from taking up space in business class seats on two of its newest planes.


The ban caused shockwaves throughout the travel world and after much outrage published on social media, the airway explained why it will enforce a ban on obese flyers.


As reported in The Bangkok Post, Thai Airways International’s two brand new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners have special airbags installed in the business class seats.


Passengers with a waistline of over 142.24cms would not be able to fasten these new seatbelt airbags, which would breach Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety standards.


The new seatbelts cannot be extended because of the airbags.


Business class on Thai Dreamliners will also be baby-free, as infants aren’t allowed to travel on the laps of parents, as the airbags are considered dangerous for small children.


Would this encourage you to travel in business class? Do you think it’s fair?


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