The app that helps you pack


What if there was an app that could help you pack according to the weather at your destination, and even the type of activities in which you’ll participate?


Meet Packpoint.


Packpoint monitors the weather forecast for the dates of your trip, assesses the location asks you what you plan to do on your trip, such as swimming, hiking, shopping, formal dinners or occasions.


It then suggests a list of everything it thinks you will need for your trip, including items and clothing specific to your suggested activities as well as any general items it thinks you may also need.



You can then remove any items you don’t think are necessary or add any you think you’ll need. You can even share your list with friends who may be coming with you or for further advice.


Packpoint all but eliminates the need for you to sit and pour over what to pack on your next holiday and is available free at iTunes and Google Play.


How handy would this be for you? Do you have trouble creating packing lists? Why not check out our definitive guide to packing?


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