The best ski and sports travel bag

Created to fill a gap in the market, Douchebags is the brainchild of a young Norwegian student, the legendary Swedish skier Jon Olsson, and passionate snowboarder and engineer Erling Magnus. Recognising the global problem of travel and the pain of carrying the necessary gear, they set out to solve this issue by redefining travel gear.

After interviewing over 150 skiers, snowboarders and surfers, the team spoke to shuttle drivers, train conductors, airline companies and also worked with luggage handlers to learn how to make travel gear more suited to all conditions of transportation.

The result is an infinitely smarter design of travel bags that offer high protection at a low weight with a compressible feature.

Douchebags’ ski and snowboard bags have wheels and the length can be adjusted depending on the size of the equipment. What’s more, the entire bag can be rolled down, thanks to a fully foldable construction.


The design line is blurred between a backpack and a duffle bag. The bags include a clever extra top pocket and a rear section designed specifically for a laptop, which allows for easy access to essential items. The range also includes an adjustable-size weekend bag and three sizes of wheeled travel bags with compartments to help you pack like a pro.

One look at any of the bags leaves you with no doubt as to how durable they are, and that you’ll have peace of mind for the safety of your precious possessions. Perhaps the most brilliant aspect of the bags is that they are designed to be stacked on top of each other – another way they help to make life easier when travelling. Backpacks can be connected onto ski or wheeled models so you only have to pull along the one bag – genius!

Stocked at multiple sports and snow stores around Australia, they may not come cheap but they’re a worthy investment for any sportsman, photographer or avid adventurer. Find out more at Douchebags.

Written by SJ


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